Back Hurts, Wood Chips and Figuring Out How To Make Shorts

Friday June 3, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Change in plans

I was all set to go kayaking at Monte Rio today and got my gear together,……….But.

I sat down for a minute to make sure I had all my stuff and when I got up my back screamed at me. Ouch.

That sure changed my plans. I can paddle around ok with a sore back but unloading and loading can put a strain on it. So, maybe I should stay home, at least for now and see if it felt better a little later.

Woodchip dumper

I heard a truck out by my front gate so I went out to take a look and it was the woodchip dumper guys getting ready to dump a load of woodchips.truck


I talked with this guy a bit while the other guy was making the dump.dump


They loaded up their stuff and where out the driveway and gone.dumpped


Cold pack and figuring out how to make YouTube shorts

I went in the house and laid down on an cold pack and did some video making YouTube searches. I wanted to learn how to make short videos for YouTube. They are mainly made with a phone. It seemed like an easy thing to do but I found out one had to be online with the phone to do it.

I got around this by starting out setting up the short video maker app on the phone where I had internet access and then taking the phone outside to shoot the video and then coming back inside to complete the process with internet access.

My goal was to do this just to figure out how to do it.

Here’s my first try. It’s just grazing chickens.

Do it on the PC?

Then I wanted to be able to make them on my PC which you are supposed to be able to do, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to make the video into a short and I’m not sure I did, but here’s my try on that one. It’s about a sleepy river otter.

I played around with this stuff most of the afternoon trying to improve things. They are very easy to make on the phone and I’ll have to see if I had success on the one I made on the computer.

Not today

I thought about kayaking a couple more times during the day, but decided I’d be best to stay home and try and take it easy, so I did.

Chicken feed

In the evening I went out to the chicken coop to mix up chicken feed. I feed them crimped oats, crimped barley, milo, and black sunflower seeds.feedroom


I don’t try to mix it all up perfectly. I just throw scoops of the seeds in this barrel and sorta mix them up.Feed


That was my day nice lazy day.

Nice day.

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