Fueling Up the Van For the Trip and Yard Puttering

Thursday June 2, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trip prep

I needed to get propane in my van’s tank and fill up the gas tank too.

I first went to the propane place and the guy filled up  my tank which I is under the van. I carry a little rug I always give the guy to get under there to protect their knees.gas


Doesn’t need a wash

Next I drove over to the gas station. I was thinking of washing the van last night but what the heck, I could just wash all the windows at the gas station. That part of the beauty of having an old van with old paint. Not much use in washing it.

Then I went to the grosser store and got what items I needed for our trip.

That was it and I went on home and unloaded my stuff and had a nap.

After that it was back outside.  The blackberry vines are growing like mad. I cut this one down and some of the other behind it.vine


Then I went into the raspberry patch. It’s sure growing nicely and the berries are just starting to ripen. I think we’ll have lot so raspberries this year.patch


There’s some blackberry vines coming up in the blueberry patch too, so I worked on removing some

This is a big one and still growing. They can grow twenty or more feet during the growing season.vineberry


Here’s why me and the chickens don’t like the blackberry vines growing in the yard. Those big thrones hurt really good when one gets you and the puncture stings good too and is pretty painful. And if your arms happens to scrap by them, they can slice you up a bit. Ouch.thornes


I walked around the yard cutting a few other blackberry vines and the chickens followed me around but they didn’t help much.birds


I went into the blueberry patch to see if I missed any blackberry vines in there and ate some of the ripening blueberries.blueberries


And I noticed the poppies are still blooming nicely.poppies


In the evening I took it easy and rested my back chair hopping around the yard.

Nice day.

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