Barry and I Go for a Ride In the Forest and I Get Some Fresh Crab

Tuesday December 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

I heard my brother Barry outside this morning, so I got up and joined him for a ride in the forest.barry1


We rode around a bit and then went up this road.barry2


I waited while Barry moved a dead downed tree off the road.tree3


Break time

Eventually we made it up to our break area at the top of the hills.hilltop4


There was a small storm coming in or around us and the forest was damp and cool today, but it didn’t rain on us.view5


Because the forest was damp and cool today we were a bit on the cool side so we cut it short and went on home for the day.

Getting gas

A bit later I went to town to get gas for all my toys and did a bit of shopping too. I stopped at the bank to deposit some money but the door was locked so they were closed for the day.

I went on home and put the groceries away and the gas too.

No squirrels

Then I checked the camera pictures for last night and today. The squirrel didn’t show up today.

Fresh crab

I heard a knock at the door and it was my brother Tom with two crabs for my dinners. He and Barry had been out on the ocean crabbing yesterday and were successful.crab6


Chainsaw manual

The day was almost over so I stayed in the house and looked up the manual for my new chainsaw and read up on that.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Barry and I Go for a Ride In the Forest and I Get Some Fresh Crab

  1. Judith says:

    I wish Tom were my brother. Sigh. Well, I do hope you had little effects from the quake.
    Maybe you felt it?

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