Up and Down and Around and Around For a Good Work Out

Sunday November 7, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride in the forest

I was out feeding the chickens this morning when my brother Barry drove in with his truck with his dirt bike in the back.

I fueled my dirt bike and joined him for a ride up in the redwood forest.

Windy day

Right away we ran into some small downed trees that Barry removed from the trail so we could get by.brush


Good ride

We rode up and down and around and around for about an hour or so.road


Then we headed for our resting spot here at the Top of the World where the sun was shining nicely.resting



It was windy out so it was fairly clear today looking south.view


After a good break we got back on the bikes and rode around for a couple more hours or so.ride


Overgrown old trail

There’s an old trail down through here that Barry thought was open as it was the last time he was on this trail which must of  been more years than Barry thought as it was mostly overgrown so we  had a time getting back out of there.trail


Got a good work out

It’s true that the dirt bike does most of the work but riding in these kinds of hills still gives one a good work out and we sure got one.

After a good days ride we headed on home through here.riding


Nap time

I was pooped and so was Barry. He left for home I went in for a good nap and that pretty much was my day.

Nice day.

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