Forest Work, Rats and Squirrels and Fresh Crab For Dinner

Wednesday December 21, 2022 Guerneville

Yard puttering

I started off the day chair hopping around the yard with my chickens. They seem to follow me around the yard and keep me company.

I resisted doing some work, but at least studied what needed done on a couple of projects, but they can wait for now.

I thought of eating my other fresh crab but had a glass of water instead and headed up to do some more trail work for a couple hours.

Forest work

The day was cloudy but nice as I walked out the trail where I was doing some work.trail1


I continued up the trail as my work area was about a 1000 feet up the trail which was up the hill. I took my time and  sat along the trail here and there on my way up.trail2


I worked away on the trail taking breaks often.

This is what the forest looks like around me as I sit for a break.forsest3


Old forest

The lack of underbrush shows this is an older forest that hasn’t been in any forest fires for a long time. It’s nice because you can actually see something, instead of just trees and brush like most forests.forest4



trail5 C


After a few hours I started back down the trail headed for home.,,,,,,, But.

When I got this this hairpin turn in the trail, I stopped and worked another hour on it as I’m not satisfied with how it turned out. This was the third time I did some work on this part. After finishing that and improving it some, I realized I need to do it one more time to make it better for hiking and maybe getting a dirt bike around. I need to get more radius in it so a bike can make the turn, which a bicycle would also need to get around it easily.hairpin6


By that time the dark was moving in on me so I started down the trail. I was tired out so I stopped to sit along the trail in several spots. I was enjoying the day and thinking of that last fresh crab I  was going to eat for dinner tonight. The dark was moving in so each time I got up and moved down the trail a bit further and finally made it to the dirt bike. It was only a short distance home, taking the short way, so I made it with enough light to see ok.

Rats and squirrels

I still have some rats coming to the bait station, but not as many. This is an IR night photo which aren’t great but at least you can see what’s going on.rat10


And the squirrel came by, at the tree base. It sat there for about ten minutes studying how to get up in the tree.squirrel7


Eventually the squirrel took off and I didn’t see where it went, but eventually I spotted it coming down the tree and jumping onto the top of the fence plastic. It jumped from the tree trunk but couldn’t find a way down, then jumped back to the tree trunk and then back to the fence, before jumping back to the tree trunk and disappearing likely going to the place to where it got up in the tree. It’s hard to see it near the left of the tree trunk on top of the plastic.squirrel8


At least I didn’t find any half eaten avocados on the ground today, so it didn’t eat any more of them.

Nice day.

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