Big Roots, and Moving Rocks Around Fixing Stuff

Thursday April 11, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Skiddy’s work day

I had plans to take Skiddy up into the hills and do some work today.

I got it going and headed for the hills.


On the way, I went past Tom working.

Tom was doing some gardening as things need to get planted so he has some stuff to sell at the Farmer’s market this year. He’s putting down sheets of plastic to plant stuff in. Less weeds that way.tom

Heading up into the hills

Most of my work was near the top of the mountain so I headed up this road.road2

And continued on up the hill.raod3


I made it to my cousin’s place where I needed to break these big fir tree roots loose and remove them, so they can get cars and stuff through here.roots

Skiddy made short work of those roots and I finished the spot off, smoothing things out a bit. Much better without the big roots.noroots5

Then I moved over to their driveway where I was going to haul some rocks to, to build up a washed out area. I stopped here for a break.drive6


I had to drive down to the rock slide area to get three loads of rock to fill this area up with rock. Much better.rocked7

Big rocks

Once that was done, I drove on back to the rock slide to get some larger rocks to haul down the hill for a water crossing that needed some big rocks.rocks8


I made it down to here without spilling any big rocks which was good as most of these rocks are larger than I can pick up by hand.ditch9

I’m trying to fill up the hole on the right to keep it from washing out any more. I dumped in the rock and it looks like I’ll need some more, but not today, as it’s a long drive back up the hill to the rock slide where I got these rocks, so I’ll get another load the next time I have to go up to the slide area with Skiddy.ditch10

Heading for home

After I dumped that rock, I headed down this road towards home.road11

More rock

I stopped on the way to pick up another load of rock I dumped in some puddles on the road, just up ahead.rock12

Fueling up

Once home, I fueled up Skiddy to be ready for the next time.fuel13


Even though Skiddy did all the work, I was beat so it was nap time.

Nice day.

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  1. KennyD says:

    Looks like you are getting a lot of good work out of the skid steer. Always nice to have new equipment to play with.

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