Pipes, Oil, Roots, Rocks, a Tree, a Ride and a Driving Lesson

Wednesday April 10, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Bumper work

I finished grinding the pipes for the bumper to start off the day. I still have more to make, but I’m waiting for a new metal chop saw to come in that I ordered to help make the job easier.


Then I remembered that Skiddy was low on hydraulic oil, so I got the stuff out to top up the hydraulic tank and got that done.skiddy

After a break I rode Hondo up to my cousin’s place to look at a job she wanted me to do.

I need to dig these fir tree roots out if I can which I’ll attempt tomorrow. They look like they may be rotten.roots

No one was home at the house, except the dogs.pack


From there I drove on over to the rock slide which was close by and loaded up some rocks to fill a water crossing on one of the roads.

Every time I ride across this water on my dirt bike I get my legs wet so I’m putting some rocks in the hole. That’s a good start.rocks

Then I rode on down the road to my next job going by this lush area of foxgloves and sour grass.lush


This tree leaning over the road has been creeping lower so I cut it out of the way.tree

I made it back to my house for a nap and something to eat.

A bit later I went back up to my cousin’s place and caught them home this time. They had a friend visiting. I offered to take them for a ride around their property so we all pile in Hondo and headed to the top of the hill.hondo

We rode around on their place and some of ours and headed back to their place.

Once back at their place I told my cousin to get in the rig for a driving lesson. She is planning to get a side by side soon and doesn’t have any experience riding cycles or anything like one of these and was having a hard time making up her mind on what to get, so I thought some real hands on experience would be a big help and it was. A side by side like this one is automatic and is more or less like driving a small car. She did real well.

I  headed for home from there.

Nice day.

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