Biologists and Noisy Choppers, While Paddling Around the Estuary

Wednesday September 10, 2014 Jenner CA.

It looked like the wind was going to stay down today from looking at the weather report and sure enough, when I arrived at Jenner, there was just a breeze. Ray was putting his boa in the water at the boat ramp.

We paddled across the river and decided to go up to the Markham hole area about two and a half miles or so up the river. Ray wanted to go ashore up there and check out an old car we saw the other day and just look around the area.

Chopper planting power poles

As we crossed the river a chopper came into view after alerting us to it’s presence with all the noise those things make.

Here is the chopper with a power pole, right over the little town of Jenner.jenner


Turns out, they planted that pole right there by the big rock, right in back of one of the houses.chopper


Biologists using their net

We worked our way up the river and at Paddy’s rock we ran into some biologists.

They were catching and tagging fish to track, among other things. They weigh and measure most of the specimens they collect as well as count the number of each different species.

Here’s the biologists putting out the catch net with their


Once they get the net out, they pull it together and hull it into the shore, which they are doing here.netting


Then they all gather around and sort out what they have caught, which they are doing in this picture.biologists


We left then at it and continued on up the river.

More power pole guys

Here we are just coming up on Seal Haven and we notice something going on in the very upper left corner, which you likely can’t see in this picture of us going up the river.upview


The power guys were up a pole high up on the hill, working away as we passed, which we will come back to later.setingpole


We paddled into the Markham hole area and had a bit of a break there for a bit, where we heard some great blue herons high up in the fir trees. Here is one of them that was sitting up there.heron


Did some exploring on the shore

We left Markham hole and went to shore just below the hole at this spot to do some exploring.shore


We explored around that spot looking for a way to get through all the brush and made a little progress. It’s an interesting place and we always wonder what the old timers did in this spot, many years ago.

Noisy chopper is back

As we got back in our boats, that noisy chopper came back again.  They had installed a new power pole while we were at the Markham hole and now the chopper had come back to remove the old pole, which he is just doing in this picture.helocopter


They were just up the hill a ways from us, as we started back down the river.chopperpole


Turns out they were putting in a lot of new poles with the chopper today, so it was a fairly noisy day.

Fogs coming in

As Ray and I approached the town of Jenner, we could see the fog coming in. It was nice and sunny up the river where we were all day and just a little windy, not too bad.jennerfog


We got our boats out of the water and went on home for naps.

Another nice day kayaking on the Russian River.

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