Buzzard Rock Hike and Kayaking Jenner

Thursday April 3, 2014 Jenner CA.

The wind was down today

I pulled into Jenner this morning and shortly after that Ray pulled in with his kayak. We put our boats in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island. A light wind was blowing down river and the water was still fairly muddy from the recent rains. It was a bit cloudy, but the sun popped out now and then. Looked like it was going to be a real nice day.

We headed on up the river towards eagle’s landing taking our time, as usual.

An otter passes us by

Something caught my eye to making a splash off to my left. An otter, I think and it reappears and that’s what it was. It was heading up the river at a fairly fast pace.

Here is the otter as it surfaced, just before it spooked the mallard pair of ducks. That’s the last we saw of this guy.otter


As we approached the eagle’s landing area, two more mallard ducks were on the  shoreline.mallards


What the heck is that on the hill top across the river

I was looking across the river and up on the mountain top when I saw this creature. I couldn’t figure out what it was at first? It was quite a ways away from me and I could hardly make it out at the time.what2


I guess I just caught it in the moment as it suddenly turned into this creature which was more recognizable. horse2


Ray and I continued on up the river a bit before turning around and starting back down the river. The wind mostly died down to a real nice day with more sun too.

This is the view as we started back down the river looking down to the town of Jenner.riverview


Buzzard rock walk

There was a place I’d been looking at to land just under Buzzard rock, but I hadn’t tried it yet. It looked a bit muddy, but seemed solid so we decided to give it a try. I had landed near here about four or five years ago and hadn’t been back since as it was a hard to find a place to get to shore.

Here is the spot we landed and where Ray almost fell in the water. He gave his replaced hip a workout just the same, with a few ouch, ouch’s.mud


We made it out and it was just a little muddy. It puts us into some trees with big ferns under them. Also a lot of that poison oak stuff too, it was most everywhere, but we don’t catch it, so all was good.

Some of the big ferns we walked throughtrail


The view from Buzzard Rock

We worked our way up to Buzzard Rock and this was our view looking down river. That’s Paddy’s rock on the right of the gravel bar out there where there have been a couple hundred cormorants resting each day.downriver


There’s only about a dozen cormorants today, because the water is too muddy to be good for good fishing. That goose is still sitting on Paddy’s rock, if you can see it, likely not, but that’s Paddy’s rock on the right.cormorants


This is the view looking up the river to the highway one bridge from Buzzard Rock.upriver


We spent an hour or two up there trying to find our way around before returning to our boats. We got back in without too much trouble and headed on down the river.

This is our view of Jenner as we headed on down the river after our walk.Jenner


Ray went on in and I went on down to the west end of Penny Island where I hung out for awhile sorta napping a bit.

These two seagulls where sitting on the shore down there on the end of the island, looking across to the ocean beach, which is just over that sand, the ocean I mean.seagulls


And a bald headed eagle

There were a bunch of Turkey vultures circling way up in the air above me and I noticed one dived on another one, which is not the vulture way.  Looking closer, that one wasn’t a vulture, but a bald headed eagle. It circled and climbed higher and then glided off to the south, headed down the ocean shore to somewhere.

This was my view of the bald headed eagle.eagle


I headed back to the take out and this was my last view looking down towards the ocean area.clouds


That was a real nice day, especially after all the wind yesterday. One just never really knows what to expect while kayaking Jenner, but there are lots of real nice days.

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