Geese, an Eagle, a Hike, Kayaking Jenner

Thursday February 13, 2014 Jenner CA.

I was down at Jenner today around eleven AM and put my boat in the water. Ray showed up about that time and put his boat in the water and joined me. We paddled across the river to Penny island and then on up to Otter’s log and then up to Eagle’s landing, taking our time as we went.

Those geese sure are making a lot of noise

While we were at Eagle’s landing some geese across the river from us starting honking obnoxiously. Ray, says something must be bothering them. We looked and didn’t see anything, but they kept at it. They just wouldn’t stop honking and eventually, I spotted what was bothering them.

Cormorants with some geese mixed in, across the river from Eagles landing, right  next to Paddy’s rock.birds


The Bald Headed Eagle

All of a sudden, I saw what was making the geese make so much noise. A Bald Headed Eagle had landed close by on Paddy’s rock, just across the river from us.eagle


Eventually, the geese flew off and so did the eagle.

A hike to face rock

Ray and I continued paddling up the river at a slow pace, until we came to one of my trails.This one went on up to the Old Indian ladies face rock. I asked Ray if he was up for a hike and he was so we beached our kayaks and tied them up and headed on up the hill.

Ray on the trail we took up the hill. I should warn you that there is a lot of poison oak mixed in with all this stuff too. Ray and I don’t catch it much.ferns


Ray, just as we approached the Old Indian Ladies Face rock. She is laying on her back and that slit is her mouth. She’s been there a long time.facerock


Ray on top of the Indian Rock, looking down on the river.rock


The view from the rock looked like this, looking down on the river.view


Eventually, we worked our way back down the trail, which tired us out a bit, so we took a break before getting back into our boats.

Then we headed back down the river and tried to go down the back channel on the island, but because it was low tide, we bottomed out and couldn’t get through, so we had to retrace our path and go back around the east end of the island.

Ray decided he was ready for a nap and went in for the day and I continued on down towards the river’s mouth.

A seagull is eating a big fish

I passed a seagull with what was left of a big fish, looked like a salmon, but could have been a steelhead. That blob on the ground in front of the seagull is all that is left of the big


Seagull eating a dead crab

I went on down to the river’s mouth and sat around for a bit before I decided I could use a nap too, so headed back towards the launch ramp. On the way, I spied this seagull with a dead Dungeness crab it just found on Penny Island.seagullcrab


The eagle puts in another appearance

And then I came upon the same eagle we’d seen earlier. It was by the dead fish the seagull was eating earlier, but didn’t seem too interested in it. Must of already been full.

The eagle left the dead fish and waded into the water.eagle5


It got a drink of water and is swallowing it in this picture.eagle2


It strutted around in the swallow water for a bit before flying off and landing in a big tree on Penny Island.eagle4


Finished the day with a little work

From there, I paddled across the river to the launch ramp and pulled my boat out of the water. There was quite a bit of mud on the bottom of the ramp, so I shoveled a lot of mud off the ramp. I took this last picture of the ramp and the river and went on home for the day.ramp


That little hike we did really wore me out, or was it the shoveling mud? When I arrived home, it was nap time.

That was my day, another nice one.

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