Car Fixed, Pipes in, Brown Pelicans, Paddling in the Evening at Jenner

Sunday August 3, 2014 Jenner CA.

The car problem

I was thinking the worst this morning when I started to work on the car problem. The main pulley for the belts had come loose yesterday and I was thinking the threads on the bolt were likely messed up and the pulley might be messed up too and maybe the treads inside the shaft too?

This picture shows the pulley, the one at the bottom has come off and is just sitting there. Lucky, I didn’t loose the bolt or pulley on the road when this happened.pulley


I removed the fan guard on the radiator and removed the bolt and pulley and lucky for me, the bolt threads were all ok and the pulley could just be put back on and the bolt tightened up. I did that and I had it all done in less than an hour. Started up the engine and all the red check engine lights were off.

The water line project

Since that went so well, I was able to work on the water line project. I was able to get all the pipe in and all hooked up before I quite for the day.

This is the last faucet in the line at my main entrance gate.waterfauset


I still have to cover it all up and put some posts in the ground to support the faucets. I will test the line for leaks before covering it up.

I quit that project around four PM and had a nap and something to eat and then headed on down to Jenner to kayak for the evening, around 5:30:PM.

As I arrived in Jenner, there was a bit of fog with just a breeze blowing. I headed on down to the river’s mouth area, stopping to watch the harbor seals that were swimming around the west end of Penny Island. A couple of the seals have been getting pretty close to me the last couple days.

Here is one of the ones that’s been getting real close as I sat and watched them.seal


Brown pelicans

I continued on down to the river’s mouth. There were a bunch of brown pelicans on the shore and some of them were in the water too.brownpelicans


Paddled into the river’s mouth

Since it was still high tide, which meant the ocean water was coming into the river and I didn’t have to be concerned about being sucked out into the ocean, I was able to paddle into the river’s mouth quite a ways.

Here is my view as I sat in my boat and watched the goings on. Harbor seals and a brown pelican on the beach, ocean to the left.seals


Pelican’s were flying in and flying out as I sat there in the water watching. They were doing a lot of preening.pels


These pelicans were in the mouth taking a bath. The one is flapping it’s wings in the water, bathing.pelicanbath


I went past these harbor seals on the left shore as I left the mouth area and headed up the river.harborseals


Terns on Penny Island

On the west end of Penny Island some terns were resting on the gravel. Not sure, but that one on the left and the one of the right might be immature birds, or another kind of tern?terns


I paddled up the back channel of Penny Island, past the east end and past by these merganser ducks resting on this log.mergansers


An osprey catches a fish

I continued on up to eagle’s landing were I saw this osprey hit the water and come up with this nice fish. It flew into a close by tree and started to consume the fish. It looks like the fish is about a foot in length and maybe a steelhead of salmon?osprey2


I maneuvered around trying to get a better picture of it, but it flew off to another tree that was even harder to get a picture.

I paddled over to Paddy’s rock and looked around, then headed back to the south side of the river.

It’s nice out tonight

I’m crossing back over to eagle’s landing in this picture, headed back down the river.river


Some little pipers came by feeding along the shoreline and followed me along for a bit.piper


I’m headed on in, just before dark, cruising along by otter’s log.downrier


Just before dark, I approach the town of Jenner.jenner


I hit the boat ramp about eight and was off the water and headed on home.

Nice evening paddle at Jenner.

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