Checking Out Quartzsite and My Old Camp Spot

Sunday February 24, 2019 Quartzsite Arizona

Doing some visiting

Saturday I visited with Patti and Marty and then drove around town to see what’s going on.

Nothing much new. After that I went back to Marty’s for another visit.

My old camp spot

Around dark I drove over to the Sunkiss road I think it is heading out into the desert on the east side of town by the model plane air field. I only drove out the road about a half mile and found my camp spot empty so pulled on in her.DSC08551


This was my view out the side doors where I planned to go for a little walk in the morning.view


I sleep well and got up fairly late and made coffee. I planned to stay at this spot most of the day and just take it easy mostly, except for my little walk.

Out for a walk

Around noon I grabbed my camera and headed on out through this are. I went out about a half mile or so and started to circle back. hike


Where was I

While I was doing that I realized one could get lost easy out here as it’s pretty flat but not that flat and I had nothing to mark where the van was.

I was a bit concerned when I came upon a trailer parked so hailed them as I thought it was better to make sure where I was going as one can wonder around out here for a long time if not careful.

Making sure

After the dogs barked a guy came outside and I explained that I just needed to make sure which way I was going. I told him what I thought and where I thought my van was and I was right but good to be sure and off I went.

It was about a half mile to the van where I made another cup of coffee and preceded to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Beep beep road runner

I did see one jack rabbit on my walk but it was too quick for a picture. While I was sitting in my van enjoying the cup of coffee I heard a strange noise moving along the main road but I couldn’t see anything until eventually a road runner popped up about a hundred feet behind the strange noise.

The noise was like a little whine, like a small dog that lost it’s master and was lost but I guess that’s one of the noises road runners make. Again I didn’t get a photo as the bird was gone quickly especially when tow side by sides came by lickety split.

Back to Patti and Marty’s

Just before 5 I drove back to Patti and Marty’s place to visit for a bit.

And then made dinner in my van in their yard and now I’m going to find some internet somewhere likely a fast food place as the library is closed on weekends.

That’s it of me today.

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4 Responses to Checking Out Quartzsite and My Old Camp Spot

  1. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    Hoping all is well at your property and the chickens are OK. Wondering if you are traveling back home. Very sad to see Guerneville under water – hope I am remembering correctly that you live on higher ground. Hope so.

  2. Another Reader says:

    The Russian River is supposed to hit 46 feet. Guerneville is supposed to flood. It’s either a really good time or a really bad time to be away!

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Yay! You made it to Quartzsite after all the hustle and bustle has settled down. It is certainly easy to get lost there, especially with not too many around and such open land. I hope you enjoy your time there and your visits with Patty and Marty.
    A roadrunner already!? Your first day. We saw one at Alamo Lake State Park on our way down but none since.

  4. George Yates says:

    looks like you are settling in there nicely. this roadrunners sure can move fast when they need to. Enjoy the area and have too much fun there.

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