Checking Out the Steelhead Fishing and Some Trail Work

Wednesday January 19, 2022 Monte Rio CA.

Paddle day

I thought I’d go down to Monte Rio today and see if the steelhead fishermen were doing any good yet. The fishing season is just starting.

Boat ramp

I rode on down to the Monte Rio boat ramp and unloaded my boat.ramp


It was a blue sky and a sunny day as I headed on down the river.river1


I paddled by this young great blue heron standing on a dock. This looked like a very young one, born last year.heron2



Some guys were fishing in the Slot. I stopped to chat with them. Not any fish action but the day was nice.boats3


I left them at it and continued on down the river mostly drifting in the current, taking my time.river4


I passed by this gull that was squawking about something, likely, where’s the fish.gull5


Villa Grande

My goal was too go down to here at Villa Grande and sit and watch and  just take it easy, so I did.villa6


Here’s looking down the river from my sitting spot. Did you see the great blue heron up in the tree on the right.river7


Here it is. Looks like some woodpeckers have worked over that old dead tree.tree8


Back up the river

Eventually I started my slow paddy back up the river.river9


A visit with Rick

I had stopped  here when this guy came down the steps, his name was Rick. We started talking and ended up telling each other some stories about fishing and old times.rick10


From there I continued on up the river and stopped to shoot the bull with the fishermen in the slot for a bit, then went to the boat ramp and pulled my boat out and went on home for the day.

Trail work in the forest

After a short break at home I jumped on the dirt bike and rode up to the top of the ridge where I wanted to hike through this area  to see about putting a trail through these trees eventually. There’s already a trail down into this area but it’s a dead end and I don’t like dead ends, loops are much better.forest11


I’d ridden down that trail and parked here to check out the area.trail12


After walking around and checking things out I rode back up the trail.trail13


Talking Trees Trail

Then I rode across the property to this trail I’d been working on. I stopped here and filled in a hole in the trail with some dirt.trail14


Then it was down the trail and headed home for the day.

Nice day.

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