Exercising the Dozer and Exercising Me Doing Trail Work

Tuesday January 18, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dozer work

I figured the dozer battery was about in need of a charge so I got a five gallon container of fuel and rode up into the hills where it was parked and put the fuel in the dozer.dozer


Slides and stuff

I removed this little slide and drove on to remove a couple more small ones and a couple trees and some rocks.slide


Mostly oysters

I stopped here at Lost Ridge to take a little break.  My brother Barry rode up on his dirt bike. He’d been riding around looking for wild mushrooms and had a few, mostly oysters.dozer3


He took off riding and I went back to work and finally ended up at the quad where I started from.

Trail work with a shovel

I still had an hour or so of daylight left so I rode on over to this spot and did some work on the trail there with a shovel.. I don’t use the dozer everywhere as it tends to tear things up a bit, thus the shovel. And besides the trail is too small for the dozer.quad


Then I rode down the trail and stopped in this spot to do a bit of work. Not too  much as it was starting to get dark on me.trail5


Headed for home

I continued down the trail through here.trail6


And down this way. Lots of nice big ferns in this area.trail7


The chickens were already on the roost when I got home so I shut them in for the night.

It’s sure a lot quieter and more peaceful since I removed most of the roosters yesterday.

Nice day.

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  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    I wouldn’t want to be up on the trail after dark nor out wandering here in the desert! Pitch black scares me!

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