Picked Up Some Chicken Feed, Shopped and a Visit With Joe

Tuesday September 17, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Needed to shop

I noticed my chicken feed was getting low so I needed to go get some and as long as I was doing that I  might as well do some shopping.

So after checking on the chickens I drove on over to the Friendly Feed Store, their name.

I picked up five sacks of seed, oats, barley and oil sunflower seeds.

Computer’s headed back to Oregon

After that I drove a short distance to a guys place where I dropped off Steve’s fixed computer that needs to get back up to Oregon. We shot the bull some than I drove on to a hardware store where I picked up some stuff to hook up more springs.

A trip to Walmart and I was done shopping so I headed on home. I was planning to go to Costco but that was on the other side of town so I canceled that for now.

Visiting Joe

Joe lives on the way home so I stopped in to visit and check out his garden. Joe’s an interesting character so we shot the bull for a bit then went out  to his garden where he loaded a bag full of vegetables for me, stuff I don’t have in my garden and we shot the bull some more.

Nap time

I went on home from there and only got a couple things out of the car when the urge for a nap hit and that was pretty much it for me today.

Catching Peeps

I did go out and see if the three little peeps needed a lift up to the nest box for the night. Sure enough they were under it with one of the mother hens. But as I went down to catch one of the peeps the mother hen jumped up to the nest and the little guys scattered. I tried to catch one but they were too fast. Soon Mamma jumped back down and the little guys came over by her where I could catch one at a time and put them up on the nest for the night.

That was it for me today, good that I got some shopping done.

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