I’m Going To Get Some Sleep, Even If It Takes Me All Day

Thursday April 7, 2016 Guerneville CA.

A good burn on my back

Last night I was bound and determined to get some sleep, even it it took all of the next day. My main problem is my back has a good burn and it’s hard to stay asleep as laying on it causes it to start itching and in general, my body clocks for sleeping just seem to be screwed up, so I need go get back into a good sleep cycle.

I did better last night, or I should say this morning. I got a couple hours here and there so I woke up at six AM and had coffee and got something to eat and got back in bed and did some sleeping until about noon. I was a bit rested, but I really need to get back into a normal sleep cycle as soon as possible.

The steroid cream my doc gave me does work, but it does make me feel a bit on the weird side. I put a coat of the cream on my burned areas and wait a bit for it to kick in. The cream makes my skin feel a bit warm and then it kills most of the pain so I can sleep on it without it stirring the itch. The whole process makes me feel a little weird, likely from the steroids in the  cream.

What shell I do today

Now what to do today? I needed something light and near home. The new wiring for the old well pump for my brother needed hooked up and that was fairly simple as most of the prep work was already done.

Armstrong Valley Farm

I needed a key to get into the yard which my brother had, so I walked over to his garden to see about getting the gate unlocked. He was busy doing some spring planting in his garden. They were planting potatoes today all by hand.garden


He gave me a key so now I have one. I walked back to my house and got all my tools and supplies together for the job in my wheel barrel and went next door to the old well.

Work site at the old well

The old conduit that was in the ground had rotted away, so I was replacing it with modern stuff and here is the work area. All I had to do was put in new plastic conduit and new wiring and a new electrical switch box for the pump.wirejob


It took most of the afternoon but I got it all done. I didn’t have to cover the ditch as the tractor can do that later. My brother has a new pump which is the next thing I have to install in the well soon.

I laid down for a bit of a nap after that for about an hour.

Digging potatoes

I’ve had the urge for some French fries lately, so I dug up some potatoes from my potato patch and washed them up.potatoes


I fried them in peanut oil, a big batch of them and boy were they good.

Need to put the weight back on

I’ve lost a lot of weight lately dealing with my corn allergy and medical problems and am down to 170 pounds. That’s the weight my old doctor was always saying I should get down to, but I don’t’ like it as at that weight, a lot of my muscle is gone and I don’t have much fat reserve for energy or if I was to get sick, I don’t have much reserve.

As far as my corn allergy, I was doing an elimination type diet, so I expected to loose some weight, but now it’s time to turn it all around and eat and eat.Gobble gobble. :O) Just stay away from the corn stuff if I can.

The rest of the day I spent napping and puttering around the yard and that was about it for me today.

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