Don’t Like To But Have to Shop and I Visit With Ray

Tuesday September 5, 2017 Guerneville CA.


I was thinking of going kayaking today, but I really needed to get over to the big stores and do some shopping to get some stuff to eat as there wasn’t much around since I got back from my trip.

I first went to Wal-Mart and picked up some skin care stuff to help with the skin my corn sensitivity messes up which is most of my body. Of course I  have to make sure non of the ingredients have anything to do with corn. I use Nivea original so I got three bottles of that. Too bad they don’t sell it by the gallon. Since most of my bodies skin is messed up I need a lot so a lot of stuff won’t work when it comes in a  small tube.

I also use Bag Balm a lot and the next time I buy I’ll buy the big 4.5 pound pail which I’ll have to do soon.

Potatoes and beans

Anyway, next I went to Costco and bought a big bag of potatoes and a case of green beans with salt and some nuts.  In order to stay away from corn lots of times my meals are a big boiled potato with a can of green beans.I usually cut the potato up in small pieces and boil it in water  and make a sorta soup out of it as most of the goodies one puts on a potato I can’t have as it’s corned.  It’s very difficult to stay away from corn products.

Trying coconut oil

I especially wanted to get a tub of coconut oil as I’m experimenting using that on  my skin. It seems ok, but is rather oily so gets all over everything, but so does the other stuff. Seems all my stuff is getting covered with this stuff and it’s tough to get off when I get it on my camera’s lens. It’s also corn less and safe to cook with.

Stopped to visit

That’s all the shopping I could handle for one day, so I headed home. I did stop to visit Adel, but she wasn’t home, so my next stop was Ray’s house. He was home so we shot the bull for about an hour then I went on home.

I put the stuff away and had a much needed nap. My corn sensitivity is acting up lately which makes it real hard to sleep when your whole body is itching and you’re scratching it. Sorta wakes you up.

Ray is supposed to meet  me at Jenner tomorrow for a yak.

That was my day.

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3 Responses to Don’t Like To But Have to Shop and I Visit With Ray

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could the cutting of your grass be aggravating your corn allergy? I think corn is a grass. I enjoy your blog.

    • Bob says:

      Not likely on the grass as I have to eat something made from corn or derived from corn. There’s something made from corn in almost everything in what we eat and drink and it’s in our meds too.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Your corn sensitivity must be tough to deal with. Of all the cures our medical teams come up with you’d think they would find something to help you……without taking medication.
    Coconut oil is great for many things, I even put a heaping tablespoon in my morning tea as well as use it as a skin cream. It is oily and yes would make a mess of your clothes. I wonder if you mixed it with the other balm you are using, would it be better?

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