Chilly Day and I Do Some Road Ditching

Wednesday November 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Chilly day

I suppose that is a relative thing as chilly around here isn’t as bad as most places called chilly. I spent the morning inside the house where it was warm but was thinking I needed to get outside doing something productive so I get some exercise.

Doing a bit of work is a good way to warm up too.

Road Work won out

The fire guys used my neighbor’s dirt road for access to get up into the hills where the fire was, during the forest fire a couple of years ago and they didn’t leave it ditched well so places are starting to wash out. And a small piece of the  main road at the top needed a bit of work too, which would be good to get done before the next rains hit.

Slight delay

I got some warm clothes on and went out to go, but the quad’s battery barely turned the machine’s engine over so no go there. I put the charger on it for a bit when I noticed the engine’s oil was down a bit in the glass sight you use to check the oil.

I got the oil out and put some in there.quad1


Good to go

After putting the oil stuff away I tried the starter and it started so I took off for the hills with a shovel and stopped here to dig that ditch that stops the water from running down the road when it rains. Otherwise, eventually the ditch would get real big and wash the whole road out.ditch2


I stopped at about ten or so other places and put ditches in as I worked my way up the hill to the main road, here.road3


I did about four spots on the main road then rode on up the hill to the top.

Hill top

I didn’t wear any ran gear and it was looking like it might rain, but it didn’t. I parked here at the top for a good break and to enjoy the day while I cooled down from all the exercise.hilltop4



Today’s view of the town of Guerneville down in the valley.guerneville4


There were some nice big clouds looking good above me.clouds


After a good break there, I went back down the road and put a couple more ditches in.road


Bull dozer?

I should bring the bull dozer up here to do this as it’d do a better job, but the ground is too wet right now, so the shovel will have to do for now. If the ground dries out a little I’ll bring the dozer up and fix things up right.

I rode on down the hill and went on home.

Nice day.

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