Citrus Tree Shopping and Planting But No Chicks Yet

Thursday May 21, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Citrus trees

Today I wanted to go to the big shopping areas and see if I could find a couple tangerine type plants to plant in my yard.

Costco first

I first went to Costco as I’d heard they had some of what I wanted but they didn’t have any citrus. I did some shopping while I was there as long as I was there.


Next I went to a big  hardware store that usually has such things and they did have some although not the variety I wanted but I decided I better not be too picky or I might not get any so I bought one of each at about 25 bucks apiece. I got two.

Rude drivers

From there I went on home. I did note people driving seemed to be in a real hurry and a bit rude these days. Not everyone, but enough of them.

The plants

Here’s the two citrus plants I purchased. Now I need to get them planted.plants


All that shopping tired me out so a nap was in order first and then I did some chair hopping around the yard checking out the spot I wanted to plant the new plants.

Prepping the spot

I decided this spot was the best and pulled a bunch of the weeds and gave them to he chickens in their pen. I then started digging the holes. The soil is very good, nice and loamy.holes


After that I cut some wire to put around them to protect them from the chickens. I think I should of used higher wire but this will do for now.wire


Planting the trees

Just before dark I transplanted the plants from their pots and watered them in.planted


No chicks yet

I also checked to see if any chicks had hatched out today in the egg incubator but I didn’t see any so maybe tomorrow. As far as I know I did everything right and I think the roosters did their job so at least some of the eggs should hatch out. They say they hatch in about 21 days so I’m still good I think.eggs


The shopping wasn’t too bad today and I did get my main item the citrus and even got them planted.

The weather was real nice too. Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Darn scam message, eh? delete delete delete LOL
    Nice trees! Yes, I agree, you’ll need higher wire to protect them soon.

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