Van Registration Troubles and Shopping

Monday February 21, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Van Registration problem

It’s not a big problem but it is a problem. I paid my registration Fees online on January 5th. Yesterday I realized I haven’t received the new registration and tag yet, so I needed to do something about that quick as I want to travel real soon. I checked back on online and they said it was already processed so at least I knew I did my thing. At my age I’m not really sure of anything anymore. :O)

So I headed over to my AAA place where they do the paper work for the state. I wasn’t sure just where it was so it took some going back and forth on the streets to find it.

I found it but it looked closed, but I knew not why. I know there is another one across town and I was about to head there when another lady came to the locked door and tried it. Oh, she said. It’s a holiday.

If I only knew

I guess it’s another trip tomorrow.

Anyway from there I  made another mistake. I went to Costco and the place was packed. I wanted a new computer so I went to Best Buy first as it’s right next door to check out what they had if I couldn’t find anything at Costco.

They had some of what I wanted but I prefer Costco where I was headed.

Well like I said Costco was busy, busy, busy.

I went in and went to the computer section and started going around and around the tables trying to get familiar and zero in on one if it had all the goodies I wanted.

I want a much faster computer so I can edit video better and also I can then use Voice Over which I’ve needed for videos. (Patsy)

Making the choice

I found two or three I had to go around and around again checking things out and finally decided on one, a Lenovo with Win11. I really wasn’t real sure which one but I decided to pick one as Costco has a real good take back policy if I needed it.

The line

You wouldn’t believe just how long the Costco checkout lines where, almost half way back of the store.

But they had some people coming to carts in line and pre-scanning things so when you got to the checker you only had to pay. That took about a half hour or so. I spent some of that time shooting the bull with people in the lines, something I’ve gotten better at in my older age. I was shyer in my younger years.

From there I went to a Chinese store to get some rice noodles as they are corn-less.

Then to visit a friend but he wasn’t home so home I went.

So I’m working on setting up the new commuter and so far it looks like what I need once I get all my programs installed.

I wanted this new computer before taking off on my trip to Arizona as my old laptop is slow and the battery has had it.

So at lest I got  my main things done. Shopping for food and the computer.

Tonight I’ll continue setting things up a figuring out the thing.

Nice day.

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  1. Barb in Florida says:

    I hope the computer purchase had already been planned before suggesting the voice over bit. I wasn’t expecting the VO’s to cause you a costly purchase for a new computer. I don’t have much experience with either. Hope it works out for you and you have fun with it. I enjoyed your paddle & the slow waterfall videos. Thanks Bob.

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