Cleaning Up the Yard for Fire Prevention and a Stump Out Too

Sunday June 14, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I needed to stay home and do some work around the house and yard. First I moved some more dirt with the wheel barrel to this spot where I was filling in a hole. I’ll smooth it out later.dirt


Up on the roof

Then I went up on the house roof with some brooms and sweep off a back roof that is mostly flat and catches a lot of redwood leaf, which needs to be sweep off and picked up for fire prevention reasons. In the process, I cut a bunch of limbs off a redwood tree that was overhanging the back roof. Of course, that meant I’d have to haul all the limbs off too which I got done in the afternoon along with all the redwood leaf mulch.

The stump needed digging out

After a nap or two, I decided to try and get a stump out of the place I’ve been moving the dirt from, which I’m going to put some rock in to expand the driveway a bit.

I dug and used a bar and a block to pry the stump out of the ground. It was stubborn, but I finally got it. I wasn’t sure I’d get it before my back was going to give out. I persisted and now my back is a bit on the sore side, but not too bad..

Here, I’ve just pried the stump over on it’s side, which means it’s out and the hard part is done.stumpout


Prepping the van for a trip

I was pretty beat after that, so sat around the yard mostly. I did put some stuff in my van getting ready for an upcoming trip. I think I have most of the stuff in it except for some food I need to buy later this week.

While I was sitting in the yard, this valley quail caught my eye as it was sneaking around me to get to it’s roost for the night which is in my bamboo patch.quail2


I kept at it today and think I got most of what I needed to get done, done, for a nice day working in the yard. Tomorrow I play.

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