Willow Creek, NEV. Camp After a Day of Driving

Wednesday June 4, 2014 Willow Creek NEV.

That’s a lot of driving, but now I’m here

I was off around ten AM this morning headed across California to the North eastern part of Nevada.

Nothing much to report on the drive here. It’s long and a bit stressful. Once I get out of the Reno NEV. area I can relax a bit on I 80 east. Then it’s just relax until I get to Winnemucca at about six PM. I turn north east at the next exit, Golconda, not sure of the spelling on that one.

Anyway, it’s a mining district road I took off of I 80. After it leaves the pavement it’s still a real good road, well kept up for the miners.

This is one of the roads I traveled today. heading across the desert.road


If I didn’t find another camp spot I’d planned to camp at the Willow creek reservoir. That meant I had some time to hunt around for other camp spots. I took several roads off the main one.

This is one of the roads I took hunting for a camp site with no luck, but the road was nice.van


As I hunted around for a camp spot the sun was going down.sundown


Just before Willow creek Reservoir, I turned right onto a little road that looked like it went over to Willow creek. I drove on over and sure enough, there was Willow Creek. I looked around for a bit and decided to camp in this spot as it was off the main road just a bit, so would do for the night.

This is my Willow Creek Camp for the night.vancamp


I made camp and got something to eat and that was my day. The only bad thing about this camp is shoes bring some kind of stickers into the van, which are hard to keep out.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking of back tracking a few miles and take a road north I saw today that looks promising.

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