Cutting Two Big Logs Off the Trails, Carefully

Sunday February 19, 2023 Guerneville CA.


First thing, the chainsaw got gassed and oiled and the chain got sharpened up some.saw1


Van work

I set the van up to take the messed up spring shackle bushings off which I might get done when I get back from working in the woods, late today. I got back just before dark so that didn’t happen. I just need to take the parts apart to see what I have, so I can order some new ones of the right size.van2


Forest work

After a break, I rode the quad up to the first log I wanted to cut off the trail. This one fell down about a week ago during a rain.

I parked here, out of the way of that log.quad3


Safety first

I studied the log to make sure I would be safe when I cut it and started the first cut.kig4


I got the first cut done  and now study the log again before making the next cut. The logs are real heavy and can be dangerous when they get cut.vutlog5


I made the second cut successfully which mostly cleared the trail. That log rolled down the hill and off the trail.cut6


Did the trick

And the third cut did the trick and that log was too heavy for me to move. It was off the trail so it was ok where it was.trail7


The second log

From there I rode up to the old trail I was working on where I knew there was one last big log that I had forgotten about. I had to pack the big saw about a half mile out that trail where this log was. The old trail goes right through this one about where the saw is. You don’t want to cut these guys from the lower side so I had to get on the upper side to make the cut.log9


I got into position on the upper side of the log and turned the saw around and cut it here.log10


That log had been laying there for years and didn’t want to roll down the hill so I had to cut it a couple more times to get it to move down the hill and out of the way.

Once I got the log cut, I had to work on the trail a bit moving some dirt. I’ll improve it better at a later time.logcut11


That all took longer than I expected and I still had to walk back out the trail with the heavy saw.

Rest spot

I stopped at this spot and sat on the log on the right for a break before continuing on out the trail. I had to break a few times as that big saw was heavy and I was tired out from all the exercise/work.trail12


Better view

On the way in, I said if I have enough gas in the saw, I’m going to knock down that tree on the left that is blocking the view from this spot. Well, the saw did have enough gas, more than I had, but I got it done.tree13


Sunset view

The sunset view with that tree gone. Much better.sunset14


I hopped on the quad runner and headed for home, beating the dark by just a little.quad15


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Cutting Two Big Logs Off the Trails, Carefully

  1. Judith says:

    That was some serious work. Glad you survived.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Chain saw works takes lots of thinking about which way logs will roll and where the weight rests. Looks like you did a great job to me!!

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