Bike Chain, Chainsaw, and Tree Work In the Forest

Saturday, December 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Replace bike chain

I’ve had this new chain for some time now and haven’t had time to get it installed.

But today, it was raining lightly so it was a good day to work on it. I tried to find the master link that should hold the chain together when it was on, but after, looking and looking, I didn’t find one, so couldn’t get the old chain off.

I’m either blind or there wasn’t one. I got the grinder out and ground off a chain link to get the old chain off and then pulled the new chain on hooking it to the old chain with a master link that came with the new chain. That worked well. I adjusted the new chain and that was done.chain1


Bike ride

I took the bike up into the hills to test out the new chain and to see if anything was hitting. The light rain had stopped so I headed on out and made a quick ride up and back. The new chain seems ok.

Dull chain on the saw

I’d cut out a stump when I last used it. It’s hard to do that without dulling the chain on dirt and rocks while cutting the stump and the chain was pretty dull.

I sharpened up the saw and gassed and oiled it for the next job I had in mind.saw2


Looking up to the hills from my house showed a little rain up there, but it looked real light, so I headed on up there with the chainsaw on the quad runner.rain3


Nice trail

The forest was damp and real nice and peaceful as I rode up this trail, headed for some downed trees that had fallen across the roads.trail4


I stopped here for a short break and to check out the view.quad5


The view showed a bit of light rain out there, but it was so light it didn’t get you wet much.sky6


From there I rode on over to where the first trees I wanted to cut off the road were.,,,,,,,,, But.

I tried and tried to start the chainsaw, but it wouldn’t even pop after much trying, until it wore me out.trees7



You follow the procedure to start the saw, but if that fails, now you don’t know if the saw is flooded with gas or there’s just not enough gas, so you pull and pull, hoping for a pop, but not this time.

I decided to move on to the next tree which was across the property, so maybe after resting the saw might start.tree8


At first the saw wouldn’t start, but after I turned on the on/off switch I was able to get it started up and cut the tree stuff out of the road.treecut9


Then I went up to this one, which was part of the tree I just cut and cut it up.trees10


That log is going to take off down the hill when I get it rolling and it’s pretty big.log11


I moved the quad back, just in case and got the big log rolling and it took off down the hill and landed somewhere down below where the quad was, not hitting it.log12


Then I drove on back to the first log where the chainsaw wouldn’t start  earlier and cut these up.logs13


That was enough work to tire me out and my back wasn’t too happy either.cutup14


I made it home just before dark and it started to actually rain a bit after dark. Good I was in the house for that.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    A busy day, and the sound of rain is always nice when going to sleep. ( Of course, the sound of rain is always nice where I live…a dryer than usual place these last 20 years.)

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