Rode the Quad Up the Repaired Old Trail For the First Time

Friday April 28, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Hassle making a medical appointment

I’ve been trying to setup an appointment for a colonoscopy for a couple months now. I call and then wait on the line for them to get to me, so I expect a wait. But today, I got right in there.

I was wondering why the colonoscopy people hadn’t called me to make an appointment. Seems the last lady I talked to didn’t do all the work and list the provider of my choice like she was supposed to.

Anyway I got that fixed and the lady said she’d put a priority on it, whatever that means, but at least it sounded good.


I went out and fed the chickens some scraps. They gobble them right up.chickens1



Then I sharpened up the chainsaw and gassed and oiled it, ready for use.saw2


Quad runner

I loaded up the quad runner with the saw and rode up to where I’ve been working on the old trail. I had a a couple small trees to deal with that were sorta on the trail. It would be the first time I rode the quad up this trail since I’ve been working on it. It was a bit narrow in a couple spots, but I made it all the way up it.

I stopped to cut this log back a bit as it was leaning over the trail and that little tree by the quad got cut down too.log3


This little tree was rotten and leaning a little too much over the trail so I cut it down, so it’s easier to get by now.tree4


Ridge top

I made it to here which is at the ridge top and I need a place to turn around in this spot. I cut all these logs into smaller pieces and removed them so I had a space to turn the quad runner around.logs5


All that tired me out more than I thought it would, so I spent some time just taking it easy up there sitting around and enjoying the forest.

Eventually I went on home for a nap as I was tired out.

Nice day.

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