Didn’t Get the Van’s Tire Fixed and a Ride Up To the Hill Tops

Thursday August 10, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Tire day

I needed to go down to the tire guys and see about getting the tire fixed that got a leak in it, in the sidewall, on my last trip. The tire was almost brand new and I knew if tires get a leak in the sidewall, they won’t fix it and you need to get a new tire. I  was ok with that as I found a damage warranty paper in with  my tire receipt and since it was almost brand new, I shouldn’t have to pay for a new one.tires


Anyway, I called to see about an appointment. The guy said, come on down, we aren’t too busy, so I aired up the tire and drove on down there.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But.

Can’t get to it

I parked and went on in and the  lady said they couldn’t get to it as they were too busy. I said that won’t do as I drove quite a ways to get there and I’d already called.

Did what I could

I had the paperwork and I told her it was on the sidewall. She said, they’d  have to order that tire as it was out of stock and if the tread was worn less than 25 percent they’d replace it for free. I made an appointment for next Monday.

Shopping and the bank

As long as I was by the shopping centers, I did some shopping and then drove on back to Guerneville to go to the bank and see about some charges on my statement that weren’t mine that I thought they had missed when I had a problem about a month ago. Turns out, they had already taken care of that, so all was good.


I needed a nap when I got home after which I decided to ride up into the hill tops and go visit a neighbor.

I was riding out this road to their house, just up ahead.road3





Three barking dogs

I rode on down to their house and was greeted by their three dogs at the gate. They were barking more than usual, so I was pretty sure no one was home and they weren’t.house4



Before I left, I walked on over to their spring to check it out as we are going to tap  it eventfully and I wanted to see how it was doing.


From there I rode on over to the Guerneville overlook and called Nancy K. in Arizona to see how the monsoons were doing and we had a nice chat. I also gave her some advice on how to clean out her clogged up sprinklers.

Game cams

On the way down the hill, I stopped at the two springs where I  have game cams set up.spring7


This one had some crows.crow5


And these two wild pigeons getting a drink of water.pigeon6


The other one had this little mouse that has been here before.mouse8


Messed up shirt

I made it back home and ate some fresh prunes and some black mulberries. Mulberries tend to squirt juices a lot and pretty much messed up  my shirt, that’s why I don’t wear real nice ones as fixing stuff messes them up too. They also do a good job staining your hands red and purple and some even got on my pants.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Mice and tiny squirrels show up on my game cam as two shiny eyes. It’s always so fun to see who showed up.

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