Dirt Bike Repair, Blower Makes Things Fast and Easy and the Rat Report

Sunday September 11, 2022 Guerneville CA.

The Wash

I started with that, socks and shirts and bedding got washed and hung up to dry.

House cleaning

I’ve been meaning to get some vacuuming done in the house and my back was feeling pretty good today so I started the day with some of that, but not so  much it got my back going. Just a few minutes at a time. I got some done but have more to do as I didn’t want to over do it.

Bike skirt repair

After that and some chair hopping I needed to repair the dirt bike’s skirts, I guess you’d call them. They have somehow popped out, likely from a crash and my legs are catching on them when I get on and off.bike1


I’ve tried popping them in lots of times while riding around but they just pop back out, so today I took a better look at them to see about fixing the problem.

I discovered they had these black grommets that had popped out of their holes and they wouldn’t go back in the holes by just pushing them in as they wouldn’t push into the  holes.pin3


Now that I knew what the problem was I knew what to do to fix it. I needed to take the grommet off the white plastic pin and then press the grommet back into the hole first, like this. I also oiled up the hole so the plastic pin could slip in and out of the hole without pulling the rubber grommet out of it’s hole.groumet4


It took some prying to get the skirt back in place and pinned down properly and now looks like it should and the pin stays in place. Fixed.fixed5


I did some  more chair hopping around the yard and thought about what to do next.

Blower work

My house roof and yard needed to be blown off from forest litter so I went over to my brother’s place to get his blower to do the job as I found it’s the fastest and easiest way to get the job done and is also the easiest on my back.

I found the blower but didn’t find the gas and the tank was empty and he wants me to use his two cycle gas so I had to wait for him to come home from the farmer’s market to find out where the gas was located.blower6


Vine pruning

Some more chair hopping and I remembered there are some more wild black berry vines that needed to be cut back so I got out the pruners and started in on these.vines7


Doing that is another thing that is hard on my back so I took it easy and didn’t overdo that and stopped with just that one patch of them.

The day was clouded over so the temperature was real nice all day. Just as the sun started down I got the gas and headed up on my roof to blow all the redwood leaves off. sky8


I like the blower real well

The blower really makes this job easy and takes about a half hour compared to a couple hours and a sore back with a broom.

Once the roof was done I came down and did most of the yard. I need to do the driveway as I forgot about that, so tomorrow I’ll get that and the chicken area once they go out to graze.

Rat report

I’m not sure what’s going on with the rats. Last night the big rat and the three little ones came by early on and checked out the bait and nibbled a little around the spilled edges but didn’t’ really get into it. I didn’t see them after that last night but I did see some other rats but they only ate around the spilled edges too. I think they all might need to get used to the newer feeder I added a couple nights ago. I’ll continue to watch to see what I can see.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    You get more done in a day than I do in a week.

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