Doing Some Spring Water Pipe Planning and a Nice Bowl of Yummy Raspberries

Wednesday October 14, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Putter day

I didn’t have anything planned for the day, although I was thinking of going kayaking but that never happened.

Water pipes need improving

Instead I got my tape measure and a pencil and paper and hopped on the dirt bike to go see what I needed to do to move all my spring water line pipes into the ground instead of overhead crossing the roads in the hills.

The reason

The reason is during the recent forest fire these water lines made it real difficult for the fire fighting machinery to get up the roads and into the hills to fight the fires and make fire breaks to stop them.

Better idea

After thinking that over and figuring I had to  make them higher I decided it would be easier to  make them shorter and put them in pipes that cross the roads in the ground.

So I rode up into the hills to look at each one and get some idea of what I needed to do to accomplish that task this winter.

Road crossings

Here’s the first crossing just above the water tanks. I can use the dozer to cut a ditch in the road to install an underground pipe. I measured how long a pipe I would need and wrote it down.pipe1


Then I rode up to this one and figured out how to do this one.pipe2


I checked a total of 5 crossings and wrote it all down. One of them I can just reroute the pipe to get around crossing the road so that one will be easy.

Need to do these too

I also looked at a couple of these minor crossings from the springs and decided they’d be better buried in a pipe in the ground too so wrote those down for the future too.pipe3


As long as I was up in the hills I rode around for a short dirt bike ride before heading back down the hill.

Good job Barry

I stopped here to see  how Barry was doing unplugging a drain line in our rental. He just cleared the pipe plug up as I pulled in so all was ok there.fixed


Lazy day

I didn’t have much energy today so I puttered around the yard chair hopping and did some napping too and mostly just took it easy with the chickens most of the day.

Yummy raspberry treat

I’d noticed some raspberries where getting ripe this afternoon so I got a small bowl and picked the ones that were ripe and added some raw oats and sugar to bring out the flavor and just ate the last of them as I finish this blog. Yummy for sure.raspberries


That was it for  me today for a lazy one.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Doing Some Spring Water Pipe Planning and a Nice Bowl of Yummy Raspberries

  1. Nncy K says:

    Wow … those berries look yummy. I sure do miss having a garden. Your water line plans sound like a lot of work, but worth the time. Besides, you get to drive the cat!!

  2. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    Hey Bob..not fair, my razzleberries are all getting ready for a nap…
    That fire was too close for sure..
    No need to “E” me when I make a comment, unless you want..
    Your reply was right below my comment..
    Snow here yesterday and it’s 33* right now…I had to go and drain my water filters, just in case…Brrrr water…..

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