Spring Water Line Work and Enjoying Working In the Forest

Sunday December 27, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Blue sky day

It sure was a nice sunny blue sky day looking west.sky


Spring water line work

After sitting in the yard doing some chair hopping just enjoying the day I got my Pulaski and rode up into the hills to do some trail making and spring water line burying.

I parked here where the black plastic water pipe goes under the road and started on the trail behind the quad runner first. I’d already been working there some time ago and mostly needed to bury the pipe coming down to the road.quad


I buried the pipe on the trail that goes up through those green ferns.trail


Soft ground

It didn’t take long to bury the pipe as the ground was nice and soft from the recent rains.

So now I needed to make a trail going down the hill for the black water pipe in the middle of this picture that comes out of the underground metal road crossing pipe.road


Here’s the start of that trail for the water pipe.pipe



I was able to dig the trail down to this downed tree which is in the way so I’ll have to bring a saw up with me next time.tree


Muddy shoes

The ground was a little wet from the rains so I got my shoes good and muddy.shoes


Spring water

One nice thing about working on the spring water lines is when I need a drink of water all I have to do is take the pipe apart as there’s always water running down the pipes from the spring up above. This particular spring has very, very good water.water


I put about three hours in digging and covering up the pipe with a couple breaks thrown in there too.

Bogyman time

Eventually the sun went over the hills and the forest started to darken so I thought I better get out of it before the bogyman came out.

I strapped my Pulaski on the quad and headed towards home taking a different way back.

Back home the chickens were waiting at the gate to get out into the front yard so I opened up the gate and got out of their way. They only had about an hour of daylight left before it got dark.

Just after dark I shut the chickens in and headed on into the house.

Nice day working in the forest getting some much needed exercise and just enjoying the nice fresh forest after the rains.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Playing in the mud again but a job well done! I’m sure that spring water is wonderful when you’re working on a hot day. Any day for that matter!
    Glad you beat the boogyman out of the bush! That’s a word I haven’t heard since the kids were little. :)

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