Domestic Chores, Digging Blackberry Vines Up and Raiding the Armstrong Valley Farm Carrot Patch

Sunday November 17, 2019 Guerneville CA.

House work day

I thought it’d be a good idea today to do some house work as with all the projects I’ve been doing I’ve been neglecting it mostly as it’s not one of my favorite jobs.

Back killer

I usually use this shop vac to clean up the floors so I took off the filter and cleaned it up with the air compressor.filter


That new dust mop behind the shop vac saved the day.

I have a lot of cobwebs on the back porch so I started there with the vacuum. Then I started on the kitchen but my back soon said ouch, stop, so I did. I forgot vacuuming is hard on my back for some reason, maybe that’s why I don’t like house work. :O)

New dust mop

Last time I used the vac I bought that new dust mop but never used it yet so once my back was shot I thought I’d use it.

But first since my back was shot I needed to exercise it a bit. :O)

Digging out berry vines

I’d like to clean out these blackberry vines growing in my cherry orchard. It’s a lot of work but I thought I’d get started so I did with a rest chair close by.



I started this small pile of dug out vines before I had a break and went back in the house to try out the new dust mop.pile


I like the new dust mop

Well that new dust mop made things work out pretty well and I was able to clean up most of my floors pretty good in a short time and my back didn’t seem to mind the thing too much. That was good.

Thorns hurt

After another break I was back at the berry vines digging away and trying to avoid getting pricked too much as those little thorns do hurt.

My little pile of dug up vines got a bit larger. I still have a lot to do behind the shovel but at least this is a good start.pile2


I still want to get all this stuff cleaned up a bit but good enough for today. I’ll get the chickens to help out with it. One little guy snuck over here already.peep


I put the water on the spot where I was digging berries as the chickens like it wet. After I get it wet I’ll let them into that spot to work on it a bit.

Armstrong Valley Farm carrot patch

In the mean time I was thinking a carrot or two would be good so I went over to one of my brother’s carrot patches in my front yard here.rows


Carrot King

I hear he’s known as the Carrot King at the Farmer’s markets. I looked around for a large one but only found smaller ones for now so I just dug up a couple more.carot2


Washed and ready to eat. Sweat and tender, yum.washed


Chickens ready to work

By now the chickens wanted to get through this gate as I usually let them into this part of the yard just before dark so they don’t get into too much mischief. The dug up berry vines are in this area so I shut the sprinkler off and let them into the area to dig and scratch as chickens do.chickens


While they were at it I did some chair hopping and puttering around the yard and soon the day was over.

Another nice fall day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I don’t know anywone who likes cleaning indoors so you are not alone. Once we stop for a week, our Suite needs a good cleaning too. It only takes an hour for a thorough cleaning but I still don’t like it.
    You had a busy day inside and out. Those dust mops are great!

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