Rainy Day, Wild Blackberry Cobbler and a Wind Blown Tarp

Thursday November 9, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A good rain coming down

It was raining good last night and was going to rain some more today, but when I got it going it had stopped for a bit.

Working on my hands

Not much to do today, so I continued to soak my hands as they are hard callused from my body rash stuff. Because of that, the skin is cracking causing a bit of pain. I’ve found that soaking them seems to be helping get rid of the thick skin, but slowly.

I find it’s easier to soak the whole body instead of trying to hold both hands in a tub of water.

Soaking in the tub

So what I do is fill the clawed foot tub on the back porch with hot water from the hot water tank and that lasts about an hour before it gets too cold. There’s enough hot water in the tank to just fill up the tub.

I also crawl in there when my body gets to itching too much and it helps a bit. When the itching is too bad to sleep well which is most of the time I head for the tub every few hours or so.

I think I did around eight tubs in the last 24 hours. The good news is my hands are slowly getting better and cracking less although there’s a bunch of dried skin peeling off which catches on anything I touch. Of course I spend a lot of time picking at these dried skin pieces and sometimes cause more cracks. Ouch.

It’s raining good out there

The rains started again around noon and it continued to rain fairly hard most of the day and is still raining off and on.

Cobbler time, a treat

I saw Dominique, my neighbor go by so I went out to hail her. She is a baker and she volunteered to make me something out of some wild blackberries she picked last summer. She promised not to use any corn stuff. So I said I’m ready for a treat.

The rain continued on most of the day with me in and out of the tub.

Cobbler at the door

Around five there was a knock at the  door and there was Dominique with a wild blackberry cobbler she had whipped up for me, still hot.

I said thank you and took it in the house and ate half of it. It was hard to stop at half, but I wanted some to enjoy later.

I forgot to get a picture of it, but sometimes getting pictures of good eats is very difficult as the stuff moves down the hatch too fast. :O) Yummmm.

Wind blown tarp

With all the rain today, not much got done. I did go out once and put the wind blown tarp back over my Toyota Land Cruiser I’m working on in the yard. The wind had blown it around and it was now  filled with water. I had to get a hose and put a siphon on it as there was too much water for me to move it.

That was about it for me today.

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2 Responses to Rainy Day, Wild Blackberry Cobbler and a Wind Blown Tarp

  1. mister Ed says:

    If you find a pair of extra large surgical gloves put some Vaseline on both of your hands
    Slip the gloves on and leave them on for about five or six hours the Vaseline will soften your hands
    If you can leave them on overnight that would be better in the morning just wipe your hands with paper towel to remove the Vaseline
    I like Vaseline better but you could use Wesson oil or peanut oil if you prefer

    • Bob Noble says:

      Hi Ed,
      I just happen to have a box of xl nitrile gloves I was wondering what to do with?Good idea. I’m all lubed up and have the gloves on as we speak. Typing is a bit harder, but at least I’m not getting gooey stuff all over everything.
      Thanks for the tip, it should help things along a bit,

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