Enjoying the Yard or a Yard Work Day

Sunday, May, 5, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

More of an indecision day, than a work day

When I woke this morning it was drizzling a bit out there. A bit on the overcast side. Over an extra cup of coffee, I mulled over going kayaking at Monte Rio , or just staying home and putzing in the yard. Because of the weather, I decided to do some weed mowing in the yard and consider the kayaking for later in the day. I mowed a lot of high weeds and lots of blackberry vines until I needed a rest.

After resting up on the couch a bit, I went back out there and raked redwood and pepperwood leaves, with intentions of moving the piles to my blueberry patch. After raking for quite awhile, for some reason I was tired again and hungry too.

Made some tortillas.

Another little rest got me to thinking I should make some tortillas, so I made some from scratch and ate a couple of them.

You ever have a hard time just sitting around enjoying yourself in the yard and feeling guilty about not doing some more work? That’s about how the rest of the day went, but I persisted and just mostly sat around for the rest of the day enjoying the yard, nice and green. I did plant some potatoes in my blueberry patch, as I was tired of looking at them sprouting in my fridge.

I thought again about going kayaking, or taking a ride on my four wheeler up in the redwoods, but the enjoying the yard won out again. :O)

Just before dark, I got an urge to work on the propane BBQ for the van, which I’m having a problem installing in my van because it has a regulator attached to it, but my van also has a regulator so I don’t need the one on the BBQ, except that one also has the BBQ control built into it. I did some work on it, but it didn’t work out, so I need to find a gas control valve for it. Sometimes one just needs to try things, and even when they don’t work out, that might lead to what will.

Had a nice day in the yard.

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