Evening Kayak on the Noyo River in Fort Bragg

Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Fort Bragg, CA.

An evening Kayak

I was up early this morning and finished loading my van for the trip to Fort Bragg, about two and a half hours. I was off and had an uneventful trip up to the coast. I arrived earlier than I wanted to Kayak the Noyo so I explored a couple little side roads to see if I could find some camping spots. Not much luck on that one. They sure have this place all blocked off good.

I picked up a couple steaks in town so I’d have something to eat and then went to the North harbor area where I spent an hour or so taking it easy.

From there I went to the south harbor area and up the river to the upper launch ramp where I put my boat in the water around five PM.

This is the upper river launch ramp where I put in on the Noyo River.ramp


I decided to go down to the river’s  mouth area where it meets the Pacific ocean and it’s where most of the harbor stuff is too.

Here is the view as I came in the main harbor area. Lots of boats.mainharbor

Another view of the main harbor area.harbor

A little ways past the main harbor area is the 101 highway bridge. Looking under that is the jetty leading to the ocean. I didn’t go out in the ocean. I stay in the rivers. noyomouth

I didn’t stay long and turned around and headed back to the main harbor area where I watched the boats doing their thing. Lots of salmon fishing going on and from what I heard others saying, it’s a good season.

I watched this boat taking on ice. the pipes and tubes feed crushed ice from the ice house to the boat. These guys really filled up that boat, almost to the top. I think they must have been going to go out early the next morning early, so that’s why they iced up now?iceboat

I hung around that area for about an hour, then I headed up the river. I wasn’t planning to go all the way up the river, about two miles, but as I went, it got nicer and nicer, so………….

This is what it looked like as I went up the Noyo river.riverview


There is an old logging road bridge a mile or so up there that I went under.bridge


A couple deer where on the shore as I passed.deer


Another view of the river as I went on up it.



Lots of reflections as I went up the river.riverview3


Usually one can paddle up to the Skunk Train bridge, but the tide was going out, so I bottomed out a couple hundred yards before I got that far, where I turned around and headed back down the river. It was starting to get dark as I went.

I arrived back at the ramp just about dark and pulled my  boat out. I was real tired for some reason and barely made it to camp. Too tired to cook a steak for dinner, so I ate some rice I had and went to bed.

I was so worn out that I didn’t make it over to McDonalds to use the internet and post a blog, which wasn’t written yet anyway.

Nice day.

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