Packing the Ol’ Van for a Trip to Fort Bragg, CA.

Tuesday, June 23, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

It drizzled all day long

It was drizzling when I woke this morning and it continued all day. I have just under two inches of rain in the bucket which is real good for this time of year. We rarely get any rain in the summer months.

Since the dribble limited my activities today, I took my time getting the last things loaded in the van. There is always some personal things like clothes and shaving gear and make sure there is enough to eat in there too. Eventually, I’ll have extra sets of my stuff and can have all the stuff in the van, all the time, so I’ll be ready to go at any time. I’m almost at that point now.

I’d load a thing or two, then take a break in the van and watch the light rain come down. It was around sixty or so degrees F. so it was very nice out, looking at all the green trees around here all wet from the rain.

I think I have everything in the van except some refrigerated items that will be last minute.

I plan to load my boat and boat stuff in the morning and head on up to Fort Bragg, do some exploring around in the van and kayak the Noyo River in the evening.

One of the things I’d like to  do is find a better, more remote camp site for future use, maybe somewhere where I can have a campfire once in awhile would be good. These types of camp sites are hard to find in this area, along the coast, as most of the public land in these areas is overly controlled. One has to go inland just a few miles to maybe find something like this in the forest areas.

I do not like to camp in big public camp grounds as I don’t like the atmosphere these types of places generate. I’m old fashioned  and like old fashion type camp sites, which these days are hard to find. If there is a ranger, or camp host or a fee, I likely would not like the type of camping offered. I’ve always gone camping to get away from people, not get in the middle of them and all the stuff that goes with that. :O)

I’ll likely post from McDonalds in Fort Bragg tomorrow evening if all goes well.

The drizzles are supposed to stop tonight and it should be nice day.

Nice lazy day.

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