Evening Paddle with Harbor Seals and Brown Pelicans at Jenner

Saturday 19, 2014 Jenner CA.

Puttering around the yard this morning

This seemed like a good day to get some stuff done around the yard. First, I started off taking some more old computers out to my pile I’m going to get rid of eventually. I have one more computer to add to the pile and a bunch of electronic stuff. When I get it all on the pile, I’ll have it hauled away.

Some measuring

I did some measuring for the water pipe that goes in the great ditch I dug. Now, I just need to make a list of parts for it.

I also put a new belt on my mower, so I can mow some weeds soon.

Dough for bread sticks and noodles

And I made some dough to make some bread sticks and some noodles. I made the bread sticks and put the rest of the dough in the fridge to turn into noodles soon.

I fried the bread sticks in my wok in about a quarter inch of olive oil. It’s interesting to note that cooking them this way makes them rise up, even though I haven’t put anything in them to make them rise.

The bread stick results. Yummy.breadsticks


Time to go kayaking for the evening

I had a nap or two and just after five PM, I headed out to kayak Jenner for an evening kayak.

Jenner was overcast with a breeze as I put my boat in the water. I paddled over to Penny Island and headed down to the west end, going down the north shore of the island. There is a little slot in the island where I pulled in and sat in my boat for a bit, taking it easy.Jenner


Eventually, I got tired of resting in that spot and moved on down to the west end of Penny Island. There were only a few birds resting on the island today. I didn’t see any of the white pelicans today, either.

The terns I saw on the end of Penny Island.terns


Lots of harbor seals in the water

There were a bunch of harbor seals in the water on the west end of Penny Island, frolicking around.

Here’s just a few of them, checking me out.seal


I hung out with the harbor seals for a half hour or so, them swimming around my boat.harborseal


I continued on down towards the river’s mouth.

Brown Pelicans

Some brown pelicans and seagulls were resting on the shore just before I got to the river’s mouth.pelican


Preening pelicans.pelicans


I approached the river’s mouth area. It was just high tide, with a breeze, wide open and deep.rivermouth


The harbor seals were taking it easy on the right side of the river’s mouth, as I sat in my boat and watched.seals


Haystack Rock

I went on past the river’s mouth to sit by Haystack rock for awhile. This rock is at the end of the river and does look somewhat like a Haystack. Seals were playing in the water around me.haystackrock


No sunset tonight

With it being overcast, I wasn’t going to see a sunset, so I went in early, not waiting for it.

As I left the area, I passed by the harbor seals again, with the Pacific ocean, looking out the mouth.seals2


I worked my way on back to Penny Island, spending a bit more time with the harbor seals in front of it, before continuing on.

I paddled along this stretch of Penny Island as I paddled on in for the day.upview


Being late in the day, I was the only one in the parking lot, which is always nice. No ramp rage problems. :O)

That about wraps up my day.

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