Excellent Day For a Dirt Bike Ride and Some Road Work Too

Tuesday September 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Clearing forest roads

Barry was out in the yard today with his dirt bike so I stopped what I was doing and joined him for a dirt bike ride in the hills. There were trees and stuff across the roads from the recent rain.

Off we went on up into the hills until we got to  this little one. It was still attached to it’s stump so we broke some branches off it and rode on under it.road1


We rode on up this  main road and over to a neighbor’s place. On the way back we dove on down a road on onto another neighbors place we don’t ride on too much.road2


Close to perfect

We made a loop around their property and came back to the main road here and raced on to the next spot. With the recent rains and no dust riding conditions were close to perfect.road3


We were back on our place and riding out this road.road4


Until we got to this log that we removed enough stuff to squeak by it.log5


And then we ran into these ones that looked like we wouldn’t get by it, but a little work and we got on by it and rode on.logs6


We didn’t get far when we ran into this little one that Barry took care of moving it off the road.road7


The view from another neighbor’s place.view8


Going for a walk

Barry wanted to check out another old road on a neighbor’s place so we road on down to this spot and parked to walk out it to see what needed to be done to use this old road as there were a couple slides on it and and a bunch of dead trees across it.bikes9


The road was steeper and longer than I had thought so we got a good work out checking it out and we still  had to walk on back but at least it was down hill on the way back.walk9


Rest time

I knew there was a steep hill on the road up ahead when we got back to the bikes so I said, rest time and we did.

After resting up we hopped back on the dirt bikes and rode on up this hill Barry is just coming off. There where a couple small down trees on the road we cleared on the way up.road11


Then we rode on over to my cousin’s place to check out the tree Barry cut on the other day to see if it fell down in the rain storm or not. It didn’t, so he’ll have to cut it again when he has his chainsaw.log12


We headed up the ridge road from there but this tree across the road made us detour and back track to another way up the hill as we wanted to get up there to our resting spot at the top.log13


At the top

As you can see we made it to our resting spot where we took a good long break as we were pretty tired out by now from all the riding and the clearing or roads.restspot14


We enjoyed the view from our rest spot.view15


We were pretty tired out from all the fun today so from there we worked our way home, the long way.

Rat report

So far it just appears that I’m feeding the rats. I was hoping they’d start to die off and some would start to disappear but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

They are feeding like little pigs and growing larger everyday.

I’ve been watching these three young ones and they are doing just fine.rats


It doesn’t appear that the plaster of Paris is killing anything. It doesn’t appear to bother them and they aren’t hesitating to feed each night.

I’ll test a bit longer before I try the next step.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Lots of work clearing trees. Dang rats.

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