Finished Off the Stump and Continued Working on the Garden Enclosure Panels

Monday April 30, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Another day working in the yard

I decided to stay home today and work on projects instead of going kayaking on the river.

Whacked the stump into pieces

I started out with the stump removal and finished whacking away at it once I got it down below ground level.stumpout


I than filled in the hole where the stump was and put the wood pieces in the wheelbarrow to get rid of.

Redoing the pier blocks

Next I had to move two of the pier blocks that the chicken coop will sit on so I dug them up and reset them to level with the old driveway.piers


Roof panel wire

Later I got back to putting the wire on one of the roof panels for my garden enclosure. I had three to do, but only got one done, but I did cut all the wire for all of them.roofpanel


I installed that panel wiring it in to hold it all together.

Checking out  my brother’s chicken yard

By then it was almost dark. Should I do some weed mowing, or maybe I should go over to my brother’s chicken yard and see how he’s doing things.

The chicken yard won so I walked over there to have a look.

Here’s some of his young chickens out in the yard.chickens


Changing plans

I checked out his roosts and his nesting boxes. He wasn’t using a chicken coop for this purpose, but just had them out in a secure enclosure outside the coop so I should change my design to do the same. My coop will likely be used to store feed and raise little ones to a larger size when I need to.

It was getting dark so I headed on home and that was my day working in the yard.

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One Response to Finished Off the Stump and Continued Working on the Garden Enclosure Panels

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You are coming along nicely with the enclosure.
    Always good to get helpful ideas from how others do things. Sometimes we over complicate things too.
    I see you got the best of that stump!

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