Whacking a Stump and Continuing Work On the Garden Enclosure Project

Sunday April 29, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Removing another stump

The first thing I did this morning was start swinging the mall at this stump that’s in the way. I worked on it for a bit but stopped before I got too tired out.stump2


Trying to work smart

My back has been hurting a bit and slowing me down so I thought I should work smarter. I noticed this 1 x 4 piece of channel by my work area and thought it would make a nice holder for the rebar as I cut it to size. This way I could stand up straight which was a lot easier on my back and things got cut a lot faster too.cutoff1


Metal pile isn’t scrap

That big pile of metal is my scrap stuff. It’s a bit of a mess, but a metal scrap pile goes with being able to  weld metal. Buy a piece of metal and you’ll see that stuff isn’t scrap. It’s actually a fairly ordered pile of metal compared to some I’ve seen.


Once I had a the first panel nice and square I painted lines on the asphalt so I wouldn’t have to take a lot of time squaring things and this also made things go a bit faster.paint6


I’m welding up the roof panels.weldup7


Flying chunks of wood

Here I’m cutting the wire to length for the 4 roof panels I’m making. You can also see how far the wood chips are flying from the stump I’m whacking at in the back ground. Those are wood chunks on the driveway there.chips8


I hate this part

Here’s the part I hate to do most, fastening the wire to the rebar panel.wire3


Once I had the wire on the panel I pulled the panel over to the garden and propped it up to put on top.roofup4


Added some guides

I’d welded some little guide pieces on the panel to make it easier to put up on top and line up. They worked real good.guide5


I didn’t have it in me to attach the rest of the wire to the other three panels as it was late in the day so I put that aside and did some chair hopping which led me back to the stump.

I really whacked that stump

I spent some time chopping away at the stump. I almost have it. I want to get it all below the  ground level so one more day on it.stump9


That stump was enough to finish me off for the day, that’s for sure.

Nice day working out.

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