A Big Stump, Holes For Pier Blocks and I Replant the Grape Plant

Sunday April 22, 2018 Guerneville CA.

That big stump

Last night I was totally beat and my body hurt mostly all over so I thought I should take it easy today,but it didn’t happen.

I needed to do some prepping for the foundation of my new chicken coop and there was this stump in the way.sttump


Removing part of the stump

I got my chainsaw out and cut the part that was in the way off. Of course cutting a stump always dulls the saw as there is usually some dirt and rocks imbedded in the stump which you don’t know about until you hit it. I got it done, but the saw was real dull when I was done with it.saw2


Chicken coop foundation prep

I leveled out the dirt under where the chicken coop would go and moved the dirt to a place in the yard that needed it.dirt3


I dug holes for some pier blocks to set the new chicken coop on and leveled them out to be even with the top of the asphalt road.piers4


Checking the pier blocks for level.blocks5


Mowed some grass

After that I gassed the weed mower and mowed some of the fast growing weeds in the back yard. The mower finally stopped from likely running out of gas which was good as I was out of gas too.

I took a long break in the house before doing any more.

Replanting the grape plant

Now that the chicken coop could move to where the stump was, the grape plant I planted the other day is in the wrong place, right in front of where a gate needs to go.

I’m moving the grape plant on the left to the new hole on the right.plant6


Here’s the grape plant I need to move a bit to the right.DSC00589


I transplanted the grape plant and filled the hole it came out of with some dirt. I then put water to the old hole and the new plant to settle things in.water8


All about shade for the chickens

I did all of this so my chicken run can go further under the big tree on the right side. My brother Tom who now has some two hundred chickens says one of the most important things a chicken needs is shade so cutting into the stump and moving the grape plant put me a couple more feet under the kumquat tree so more shade for the chickens. I bet the kumquat tree will enjoy the chicken’s poop too.

Chair hopping is all I’ve got left in me

After that my body was mostly done in and all I was able to do for the rest of the day was chair hop and review my plans for the chicken coop setup.

At least I’m ready now for when we move the new chicken coop down from our apple orchard.

I guess the only way to take it easy around here is to go kayaking so tomorrow that’s what I plan to do.

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