Forest Ride, Bald Eagle Gets a Turkey Vulture

Thursday September 7, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Chain adjustment

My bike chain has been getting looser and looser so I started the day getting it tightened back up to spec. After getting it tightened back up, there wasn’t much adjustment left, so I’m not to far off from getting a new chain.chain


Forest ride

I got the chain adjusted just in time as Barry showed up for a dirt bike ride up into the forest. We mounted up and took off for a ride.

We stopped at our main spring for a drink of water.spring


Was that an eagle

We rode around some and were going down a road when we thought we saw a bald eagle fly off right in front of us. Yes, we thought it was a young one, the first bald eagle we’ve seen on the property.

We stopped to talk about what we saw as it was so quick and both confirmed it must have been a young eagle as it’s the only bird around here with that much white on it. It flew through the trees so we only saw it for a moment.

What’s it doing here

I said to Barry, it must have been eating something as there’s no spring water in this spot, so I looked back up the road a bit and yes, it was eating something as I saw a pile of feathers on the upper roadside.

And there was a big black bird in the pile of feathers so we had a look. Seems it was eating a young turkey vulture. It must of just killed it as the body wasn’t stiff yet, nor was it eaten much. Young turkey vultures heads and necks are grey when young and they turn mostly red as they get a bit older.vulture


We decided to come back by here a bit later to see it the eagle came back to claim it’s price. We did come back but the eagle didn’t come back, so we rode on.

A big owl

We rode around some more and were headed up to our break area on our cousin’s place when Barry spooked this big owl off the road which he didn’t see. I stopped to get a picture of it.owl


Barry always waits for me when he comes to a split in the road, just in case I’ve crashed, so when I caught up to him, he says I thought you might be all bloodied up. No, I just stopped for a picture.

Break spot

We continued on up to our break spot and took a


Like always, a nice view from this spot.view


From there, we headed on down the hill back to my place where Barry took off for his home and I went in for a nap.

Cell phone woos

After a good rest, I took my cell phone outside and worked on setting it up to do video calls without much success as the cell signal is so bad where I live.

I wanted to put one of my new game cams on that dead turkey vulture to see what comes around so I got the cam out and rode back up there and set it up.

Then I rode over to this spot and worked on setting the cell phone up for making video calls. I was finally able to set it up using Google’s Meet.sitspot


I’ll take it

This is the sky view from that spot. Not much to show in the sky, but blue. I’ll take


Nice day.

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