Fuel Delivery and Paddling Around In the Fog At Jenner

Monday November 29, 2021 Jenner CA.

Fuel delivery

I got a phone call just as I got out of bed this morning. It was the guy who was delivering fuel that said he was on his way, so I got up and opened up the gate for him.

Frank refreshed our diesel fuel supply. He lives down the road and the only time I see him is when he makes these deliveries so we shot the bull a bit before the took off.frank


Kayaking for the day

After he left I got my stuff together an headed down to the river to kayak for the day.

Real foggy day

As I approached Jenner, I could see the fog was in thick today. It’s rarely this thick in Jenner.

I pulled onto the boat ramp and unloaded my boat. Being foggy and all, no one else was on the water.boatramp



But John who lives down there popped out of the fog and we shot the bull for awhile. I had to jump in my boat to get away and I was off.John


I paddled across the river in the fog and couldn’t see much so decided to head down towards the open river’s mouth.

I went by this heron fishing.heron


The open mouth is down there somewhere in the fog so I headed that way.river



There were some pelican’s on the water I paddled by. The were bathing and preening.pelicans


Can’t see much

I made it down to the river’s open mouth but couldn’t see much.mouth


Some harbor seals resting on the sandy shore.seals


And another small group of seals watching me.seal


I hung around there for a bit but not too long as it was just too foggy to see much.


So eventually I turned the boat and started the trip back to the boat ramp. The fog made things a bit chilly and I didn’t dress warm enough so I was a bit chilled and ready to get out.river12


The boat ramp was pretty fogged in but I knew it was in there somewhere.foggy


Boat ramp

Yep, there it is. I loaded up and headed on home.ramp


It was almost dark when I got home and the sun was long behind the hills to the west so I went in the house to warm up.

Nice day paddling around in the fog.

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  1. Steve Mac says:

    you know better to dress warmer old guy that is why I always keep extra clothing in the car year round :0}

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