A Paddle, a Penny Island Walk and My PTZ Cam

Monday September 22, 2014 Jenner CA.

I stopped on the way to Jenner this morning to help a friend out with his dehumidifier. Seems his water tray was filling faster than he could dump it, so needed a solution.

After taking a look at the dehumidifier, we found a place to put a water hose on the tank to let the water drain out. I only needed to cut the plastic out of the preformed hole and we were in business, so I headed on down to Jenner.

I could see Ray was already in his boat in the water and headed up the river, so I headed on up to catch up with him.

I headed up the north side this time which I rarely do, but thought this might be a good time to check out any birds along the shoreline, so up I went.


Headed on up the north shore of the river, just above the town of Jenner.russianriver


I didn’t see many birds along the shoreline today, but the normal gang of cormorants were in the gravel just below Paddy’s rock. There were also some seagulls and mallard ducks with the gang as I went by them.birds


I crossed over the river to the south shore where Ray was paddling on up and met up with him.

Just about that time a bunch of geese came honking down the river and landed across the river where I had just come from. Here’s some of the geese that landed. They sure make a lot of noise, honking away all the time.geese


We paddled on up to the musk rat nest area before turning around and heading back down the river. Ray wasn’t too eager to deal with any poison oak today. :O)

Just about this spot we started looking for the two yellow jacket nests we’ve seen before. I’ve only been able to find one of them in the last three days, so I don’t know if one is gone or not?view


Again, I was only able to locate one of the nests. It looks like the top has been torn off this one, likely from a bird, maybe a raven, as Ray suggests.

The torn up yellow jacket nest in the tree.waspnest


We stopped here at eagle’s landing for a bit, then moved on down the river as Ray wanted to go to Penny Island for a little walk.landing


This is the spot we pulled into Penny Island on the east end.kayaks


We worked our way down the south side of the island about half way and then returned on the same trail.

Here is Ray, maneuvering over the trees in the trail. The island trails give one a lot of exercise in this way.ray


We stopped here to look back up to were our boats were supposed to be, but couldn’t see them, hope they are still there?boats


One never knows about ones boat when one leaves it, until one gets back to the site. Both boats were there, right where we left them.

We got back in our boats and paddled in the little channel on the east end of the island.channel


Shortly after that, we headed on in for the day.

I stopped to checkout the water level gage at the visitor center. Yesterday, it read about three and three quarter feet and today it read about four feet.waterlevel

It coming up slow for now about three inches a day, but it depends a lot on if the higher high tides dump much water over the sand as to how high it will rise each day, that combined with how much water is flowing down the river, not a lot right now.

We went on home and I had a nap.


Then I moved my PTZ camera to a new spot. I wanted to monitor what goes down this road in  my front yard at night, so I set the cam up here, which you see on the right.camspot


Here is a closer view of the cam set up on a tripod with a painted sheet over it to help protect it from the elements, mostly dew at night. The cam generates some heat, so it helps keep the condensation off it. I’d add some plastic sheeting over the top of that if I wanted to make it more waterproof, but for now, this seems to be working. Maybe a plastic lid of some kind would work out good for that also?cam


I also adjusted the focus on the cam. So far, I’ve seen a couple of nice foxes. I’ll get some pictures for the blog eventually, but am still in the set up process.

That’s it for another fine day.

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