Getting the Old Van Ready to Roll For a Trip To Arizona

Sunday February 20, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Van prep

I need to get my old van ready to travel in a week or so. It’s mostly ready to go, but it needed some cleaning up in the inside and I needed to check out the food in there and replace it. I’ll be shopping this week to stock up. I also need to grease it and check the engine out but I didn’t get to that part today.van


I worked on that on and off all day.

Why the prep

In about a week I plan to make the journey down to Arizona for a few weeks of messing around the Quartzsite area and maybe work my way into the Southeast area too, around Ajo and the Dragoon Mountains.  Can’t let the Canadians have all the fun.

Making rain

Making more rain. We still haven’t had any rain lately so I continued to make my own rain as I want to get the ground nice and wet while the springs are flowing nicely and not much water is being used for anything else right now. Some of the fruit trees are starting to put on a nice show.water2


And I finished up taking the tops of the apple trees down a couple of feet. I’m just ready to prune this one down about two feet and it’s the last one that needs this operation.tree5


A nice view of all the blooming stuff around the driveway. The daffs are in full bloom and the fruit trees are just getting started blooming.drive3


Helping the bamboo along, I hope

Wetting down the bamboo patch. Most of my bamboo died and riced out last summer. I’m hoping new shoots pop up soon but I’m not really sure what it will do. I sure hope it comes back this year. New shoots usually pop up in March and April so I’ll soon know.bamboo4


River’s mouth video

This evening I worked on putting the videos together from my kayak trip the other day. I’m uploading right now. It takes a few hours and when it’s done I’ll post this blog.

Nice day.

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  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    Enjoyed your videos! Hey, maybe we’ll meet you yet! We’ll be in the Q until Match 31st.

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