Kayaked, Hiked and Visited With My Elementary School Buddies

Friday, Saturday August 16, 17, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Elementary school reunion is on

Thursday night the people that were coming to our elementary school reunion showed up at the cabin. Most of these people I went to school with from kindergarten to eighth grade so we have a lot in common as we are all part of each other because of it.

Kayaked the river

The next day we drove down to Monte Rio and put our boats in the water and paddled up the river a bit. We stopped for lunch here.boatshade


Cindy was the only one that was adventurous enough to go swimming.cindy


Lunch time

Here’s most of the group at lunch time.gang2



I went home after that for a much needed nap and returned to the cabin where they were staying in the evening to this. When I arrived they were toasting marshmallows at the camp fire. I would of liked one, but they were full of corn stuff so I just watched.fire


Toasted and ready to consume.mellows


Cindy was determined to do hers without catching it on fire and I think she succeeded somehow.roosting


The rest of the guys watched while sitting around the table.tablegang


Pond Farm hike

The next day we were going into Armstrong Redwoods park to do a little hike up to Pond Farm.

I walked up from my house through the redwood forest to meet them at the picnic grounds.park


We walked up the hill on the road, about a mile to here which is Pond Farm. Cindy is pointing to some wild turkeys near us.gang


Wild turkeys

Here’s some of the wild turkeys.turkeys


We then walked over to where the pond was located going through here.trail


The pond

The pond was almost dry, but there was some water in it. This pond is where this place called Pond Farm gets it’s name.pond


After the pond we needed some shade for a break so we stopped here for a bit under the tree.shade


From there we took another way back and stopped here for another break. Most of us are 71 so it takes more breaks.break


After the hike I went on home for a nap and returned to the cabin in the evening.

It’s over

I visited a bit and then they all took off.table


We had a nice visit and enjoyed some time together which was what this was all about.

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