Great Blue Heron Plays with Stick and Calm Water

Thursday November 19, 2015 Jenner CA.

The wind was up a little as I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning, but not too bad. I paddled over to Penny Island and decided to head on up to the muskrat area.

Starred trail

I took the starred trail on up the river as it was heading right for the muskrat area.russianriver


For some reason there weren’t many birds and critters out today. I sat in this spot for a good while looking for stuff.muskrat


Heron plays

After awhile, I headed on back down the river and was sitting by this big redwood log when I noticed the great blue heron in the back there doing something, so I had a closer look.log


I’m not sure what the heron was doing exactly. But it was picking this stick up like it was fishing, then tossing it back and retrieving it again. Maybe practicing catching fish, but I really don’t think it needs to practice this as it does it all the time. Maybe just playing?heron


I left the bird playing with it’s stick and paddled on down the north side of Penny Island and stopped in this spot, just admiring the day as the wind was dying down.grass



I could see some bufflehead ducks feeding out in front of me. The bird in the front is a least grebe.buffles


I also noticed these goldeneye ducks diving and feeding similar to what the buffleheads do. They’re a duck that comes here in the fall and feeds.goldeneye


I headed on down to the mouth area where there were a bunch of birds resting and preening.birds2


Most of the birds were seagulls, but there were also some brown pelicans.birds



I didn’t stay in the mouth area long. As I paddled away, the wind really died down to almost calm. I stopped here to admire the view from where I just paddled from, down by the closed river’s mouth.jenner


As I was heading back in for the day, the water went calm and looked like this as I paddled along, going slower now as the day was so nice. I didn’t want to go in, so I took my time.jenner2


Visitor center roof

I could see the guys working on the visitor center roof finished the front side and the back side today. They just have the ends to do and then they need to put some kind of cap on the ridges. Looking


The gage reads about six and a half feet. With the mouth closed the water level is rising.gage


I hit the boat ramp and took my boat out and went on home for the day.

Cool day at home

It was cool when I got home, so it didn’t feel like a day to do much. I just did some puttering around in the yard. I did dig some potatoes up in my blueberry patch and washed them up for eating. My older brother Mike is supposed to bring me some more blueberry plants he dug up in his yard, so I need to remove some of the potatoes, so I got a good start on that.

Like I said, it was cool out, it’s winter here which isn’t really too bad. :O) Maybe sixty five degrees F., but the sun was already behind the mountains, so it felt cool.

That was my day.

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