Great Egrets While Paddling Jenner and Fixing Stuff

Thursday November 17, 2016 Jenner CA.

Nice day to paddle Jenner

The wind was down as I put my boat in the water at Jenner this morning.

I paddled across to Penny island and this is what the river looked like as I headed down along the island towards the river’s open mouth area.riverflat


Lots of water coming into the river

There was a high tide today at about this time of 6.5 feet so lots of water was coming into the river through the river’s mouth. Lots of foam comes in too.foam


It was rough out there. The guy on the left is a surfer and watched for a bit, then decided it was too rough and crossed over the river to the north shore.ocean


Some of the waves were breaking over the sand bar as I watched.seals


I hung around the mouth for about an hour then headed back up the river in a slight breeze.jenner


Squawking egret in a tree

I worked my way along the shoreline up to this spot at Eagle’s landing. A big bird was up in the tree over my head and doing a lot of squawking. Once I spotted it I could see it was a great white egret. It flew off before I could get a picture of it. The egrets don’t usually squawk like this one did.landing


Enjoying the day at Muskrat

I paddled along and made it up to this place I call Muskrat and sat for quite a spell just enjoying the nice day.sit


North side

Eventually I crossed over to the north side of the river to paddle down along the edge and look for birds and critters.rock


Egrets circle me

A short ways past Paddy’s rock I was sitting here when these two egrets started flying around me in circles. One of them was squawking, I think the same guy I saw earlier up in the tree.birds


They flew around me fairly close at times. Occasionally one of them would appear to attack the other one.egretsfly


They would land on the ground just behind me. It appeared I was in their favored spot. They would sit there for a bit, then take off and fly around me some more, then land again.egrets


I’m sure they circled me more than twenty times as I tried my best to get some good pictures.

Not sure what that was all about, but I left them there on the shore just behind me and crossed over the river to the upper end of Penny Island, just up ahead.island


I hung out in the little channel there of a bit, then paddled on over to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

My brother keeps me busy

I was sitting out in the yard when my brother Tom came by and wanted some help with his computer, seems a page wouldn’t go away. I went over and we got rid of that page. Then he wanted me to have a look at a circuit breaker panel in one of his houses to see if he could connect a big electric oven up. I had a look and it looked like there was enough juice to do what he wanted.

I was back in my house taking it easy when my brother knocked at the door. Seems he needed some help lighting a propane heater stove in one of his houses, so I went over to have a look. After some consultation, we figured out how to get the unit lite and lite it up and all was good.

I went back to the house and took it easy. It was getting a bit cool outside so I didn’t hang out there and stayed in the house.

That was my day.

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  1. Binky Castleberry says:

    I read your post often and enjoy the pics and seeing what the river is up to. I am always interested in the mouth of the river because I am a fisherman and being open or closed makes a difference.

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