Hen House Work, Chinese Dinner and Hunting the Lost Shirt With No Success

Monday May 22, 2017 Troy Oregon

Good day to work on the chicken coup

I sat in my van enjoying a cup of coffee this morning looking out the side doors to this view with the Grand Rhone River down in the gorge.river


Sue wanted this little chicken hooch attached to her hen house so the chickens can come outside in the winter when there is four feet of snow on the ground.pens


Making the base

The bottom of it was very weak and flimsy so I needed to make a platform to go under the hooch which I have just constructed in this picture.base


I turned over the hooch and installed the new bottom with screws. I also cut a door hole in the hen house where I will build a sliding door.penbase


I needed to make a spacer for the door.door


That parts done

Here it is all installed and hooked up. I made a sliding door for the birds to get into the hooch.house


Chinese dinner and buns

Once that was done I went in the house and volunteered to cook up a Chinese noodle dish for dinner. I also had some bread buns rising during the day so I cooked them up.bread


I fired up the noodles and all the other stuff that goes in the dish. That other stuff is chicken broth Sue is going to can.noodles


Here’s the finished dish just before we consumed it.chinoodle


Looking for my lost shirt

After dinner I decided to go for a hike to look for the shirt I lost on a hike a couple days ago.

I went across this field and past the deer.deer


No shirt here

I thought the shirt might be on this car part as I sat on it the other day, but it wasn’t there.car


And not in the barn

So maybe I left it at the barn so I hiked over to it just up ahead, but it wasn’t there either.barn


Hummm, maybe the elk have it like Patsy suggests? :O)

Yellow Jacket or hornet nest

While I was looking in the barn I saw this thing up in the rafters so had a look. Looks like something torn up this wasp type nest. It would have had to be some kind of bird that tore up the nest as that’s the only thing that could get to it up there.nest


Elk just coming out

I left the barn and headed down the road. These elk were out in the field as I walked by. They were just coming out for the evening.elks


The shirt seems to be lost

I made it back to the house without finding my shirt. I thought maybe I did bring the shirt back and it was around the house somewhere so I looked but still couldn’t locate it so it looks like another shirt hunting hike is in order maybe tomorrow.

That was my day for a nice one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Too bad about the shirt, did you check the mud hole? Surprised one of the elk isn’t wearing it for a night on the town. You have a lovely view, no better porch around! Looks like a great Chinese meal for a great day in Oregon.

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