Hunting For My Pulaski and Trying Not To Work Too Hard Today

Monday January 23, 2023 Guerneville CA.

The hunt

I wanted to take it easy today and not do too much work, but I’m not the type to just sit around and do nothing.

My Pulaski still needed to  be found so I hopped on the quad runner and rode up to where the trail where I thought it might be was and parked here by this little forest stream crossing the road. The trail starts just to the left, out of sight there.quad1


The trail

There’s some big green ferns I went though on the way down to the spot I thought the Pulaski  might be.trail2


Found it

There it is, right where I left it, over a month ago, before the rains hit.tool3


A shovel too

As a bonus, I also found one of my shovels that I’ve been wondering where it was.tools4



The tools got tied onto the front of the quad runner and I headed on up the hill toward another trail that needed some work, but I stopped here and threw these sticks off.sticks5



The trailhead was only a short distance from there where I stopped to sit and enjoy the sun for a bit before taking the small chainsaw down to cut out some logs and brush.sky6


After a good break at the trailhead, I walked down the trail with the chainsaw, headed to a spot that needed some work.trail7


Break spot

I stopped at this chair on the way in and sat and enjoyed the day for a bit.chair8


Then, I made it to this spot where these logs needed to be cut and moved off the trail.logs9


After that, I moved on down the trail where I cut some more logs off the trail and some small brush too. I realized I didn’t have my camera while I was working and hoped I left it back up the trail by the first logs I cut.

Out of gas

The chainsaw finally ran out of gas which was good as it stops me from working too hard.

Headed back

I walked back up the trail to where I cut the first log and looked for my camera and found it right where I left it. Then I sat on the log and had another nice break before continuing up the trail.log10


More breaks

Of course I sat at the chair spot again for a good while as the day was nice and it was real peaceful out.

Then I made it to the trailhead where the quad runner was parked and took another nice break in this spot.view11



From there I worked my way back down the hill and stopped and put my brother’s chickens away for the night and went home and did the same for my chickens.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like a busy enough day to me!!
    Glad you located your tools.

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