It Felt Like It Was Going To Be a Do Nothing Day, But

Saturday February 13, 2021 Guerneville Ca.

Doing nothing

When I got it going today it had just finished raining for the morning but the sun was out now. I went out and sat in a chair and just felt like doing nothing today so I tried to do that, at least for awhile. I sat around and gave some thought on what I needed to be done around the yard.

Escaping chickens

Some of my chickens have been getting out of their pen and into the yard by going over the roof. They like to climb up that grape vine then they can go where they want. I sat and thought how am I going to stop that. I think the way is to put some fence wire up there so now I have to build some kind of fence posts to do that once I figure out what I need.

They like to escape over this grape vine which they can climb up.pens


The daffodils are filling out nicely.daffs


Cleaning up this pen

Eventually I did clean out what was left of the raspberry vines from the raspberry plants I dug out of this pen. I don’t really want the raspberry vines growing in this pen as they tend to take over.vines


I then hauled 4 loads of mulch into that pen and spread it out as I didn’t’ want the chickens in this pen.

Sun shine

I sat around enjoying the sun shine for a good part of the day.

And some work

Later in the day I moved about 6 loads of mulch into the main raspberry patch and then sat around some more watching the chickens do their thing.birds


When the sun went behind the hills to the west I went in the house for a good nap and that was my mostly do nothing day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    So, your do nothing day didn’t turn out as such. You deserved the nap but still got some things taken care of. :)

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