More Dentist and More Kayaking Jenner

Tuesday, July, 2, 2013, Jenner, CA.

I’m happy with my new dentist

Today was the day I was to get my second crown pulled off and replaced with a new crown. I had some decay under there, so the only thing they can do is pull the old one off, remove the decay and fit a new crown. $$$$ :O)

Of course it hurt a bit, but I thought my new dentist and her staff did a real good job and I’m happy with them.

Tomorrow, I’m off to see a root cannel guy to check on one he did a couple years ago that may need some more work, but that’s tomorrow. And yes, it will need another one of those $$$ crowns put back on it. :O)

It seemed a bit cooler today when I got up, but when I left the dentists office, just before two PM, it felt pretty warm.

So, instead of going home, I headed for Jenner to Kayak. When I got there, there were a lot of kayaks and kayakers on the ramp, but luckily they had left a path to the water, which was considerate of them. I don’t like to mess around at the boat ramp. I pull my car in as close as I can get to the water, unload my stuff, park my car and am in the water, very quickly.

I try to mostly ignore the slow moving people that are usually using the boat ramp and just do my thing, trying not to be too rude. :O) If I see some sorry pusses, I usually just give them a hi and a nice day and usually their smiles return. Since I go everyday, I know what to do and do it and get on my way much quicker than most other people. I guess that’s a bit of a rant.  So, I guess I’ll finish that by saying boat ramps are to put your boats in the water and take them out. It’s not a place to work on the boat or visit, do that off the ramp, on the side. I really do try to be patient, really. :O)

I’ve sat out in the water just in front of a boat ramp waiting for people to clear out, and sorta fume a bit. When they leave like they should, I go in with no problem.

But when they are still there after an hour, I can get to fuming. But……… Here’s the deal. I’ve learned that all that fuming is no good. It’s better to go in and say hi and I usually find some real nice people that are just a little ignorant about boat ramp doings and they do their best to get out of the way. :O)

So, anyway, back to today. I put my boat in the water and looked up and they were all watching me. I smiled and said hi and answered some questions. They were all smiling. I knew I had impressed them with my speed of getting the boat in the water and my easy method of doing it. They were still there for another half hour or so before getting their boats in the water.

Off I paddled over to Penny Island and down toward the river’s mouth. It was a nice sunny day, with very little wind. There were quite a few boaters out today, most to get away from the heat inland from here.

This is the view looking out to the west over the ocean in the background, the river in the foreground. See how nice the day looks?rivermouth


Lot’s of birds taking it easy on the sandy beach down at the mouth area.birdview


This picture is looking out to the Pacific ocean over the sand bar that closes the mouth. See the trench someone dug in the bar? Someone had dug a trench to the ocean that may widen over time and open the river’s mouth. Sometimes that all it takes to open the river’s mouth. Not sure who dug that? Just some people having fun, the government guys or maybe just a local trying to prevent his house from being flooded? I understand in the old days, the locals used to go down during the night and open it when the government guys wouldn’t open it. Anyway, we’ll see what happens. The water gauge at the visitors center is about 7.6 today. It’s rising very slow now.mouthdig


I was in pretty close to shore and I noticed a state life guard come down and let some people know not to get too close to the seals. After he talked to them he started away then turned and I could see he was going to say something to me. I said hi and he said hi and then he commented on something, but then I could see he was about to give me his seal spiel, which since I’m down there most everyday, do not appreciate. I cut him off and said don’t give me your seal spiel and explained I was down there often with the seals and was fairly fluent about them. I told him my name and got his and he was fairly friendly.

Personally, I think life guards should  stick to their job and not do any policing. It’s not good for their life saving image. They should always be the good guy and never the bad guy that tells you what to do that has nothing to do with saving lives. My opinion, of course.

Yesterday, I kayaked at Monte Rio and was not at Jenner, but Steve was. He sent me the below picture of a dying or dead seal that had beached down there. I think it’s not quite dead here as the turkey vultures are standing back waiting.deadseal


Today, this is what’s left of the seal. Mostly skin and bones. It had a big gash in it’s side, which looked sorta like a boat may have hit it, but it could just as well of been hit by some other creature of the ocean. It’s a eat or be eaten world out there in the water.deadseal2


I hung around the mouth for a couple of hours, just sitting looking around and taking it easy. Just before I was ready to leave these brown pelican’s flew in and landed in the water.pelicans


I paddled back up the river to the Eagle’s landing area, about a half mile up the river from the visitors center where I spent about an hour before heading back down the river to the visitor’s center take out.

I waited patiently out in the water for some people to clear the boat ramp, which they did, so I went in, loaded my boat on the car and went home for the day, about six PM.

Had a nice day, even with the dentist. :O)

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